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Looking for a best man for a civil marriage? Save the best tips!

When one civil wedding before the ceremony and commemoration, of witnesses(which later will be godparents and godparents) go to registry, together with the bride and bridegroom, prove and testify to the union of a couple. A bureaucratic act, which is a confirmation before community and on government, from union of bride and groom, and this is of great importance!

Although it is an act which there are not many rites or detailsIt is a remarkable and special moment. To witnesses are invited to confirm the union and usually comes a very common question: “What shall I wear for this occasion?”.

Bet on overalls for guests: versatility and elegance!

What is the ideal look for a best man in a civil marriage?

What clothes to wear to be a best man in a civil wedding? Always bet on comfort

the wedding in registry it usually does quickly and without major protocols. Depending on the location/region, the bride and groom confirm their vows in a sort of “special room” in a small ceremony. The act usually happens during the week and in period around the clock in bodies that many times may not be there dreaming of a civil ceremony, and many times there may be lines and waiting.

Che not the occasion to invest in a fancy dress. The best option is something more discreetone most ordinary dress, set and so on. But remember: “simple” and “discreet” does not mean “not funny”! Start from the premise that wedding at the registry office It is civil actsomething that has a more serious tone in the mean time does not require mega productions rather something charming and elegant.

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What type of wedding dress? What is the ideal length?

If the choice is a a dress or set with skirtYou lengths at height or one just above the knees are most suitable, taking into account the most suitable offer undressed of a civil marriage. O away is it forbidden No, as long as it is light and simple modelwithout party tone glamorous at the holiday ceremony. In a civil marriage, everything is more simple and practicalincluding appearance.

To preserveLooking for a best man in a civil marriage.  Turquoise dress, with a mermaid skirt, short and with delicate sleeves

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To preserveLooking for a best man in a civil marriage.  Jumpsuit in light fabric with a print and belt.

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What is the best dress color for a wedding?

When in doubt, it’s always good to check with the bride. But if she leaves you free to choose, consider a light color that suits your skin tone!

Flowy and printed dresses can also be a great option. Pink, blue, yellow… Just avoid glitter and excessive embroidery, it’s a civil wedding after all!

To preserveLooking for a best man in a civil marriage.  Short dress with floral print and swirls


A shoe

O high heels is more than exempt, but also within that simpler context. Instead of a very tall and not so comfortable model, how about a middle option? Platform heels, wedges and espadrilles, for example, are great options! Also recalling that a shoe it should always be inside tune in with see. Therefore, when choosing the model, everything will depend on the rest production!

To preserveSearch for a best man in a civil wedding - sandals for a civil wedding

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To clutches/handbags are optional, but you choose one mini bag can leave see Common special charm. Bag “take a tour”for example, can also be a great choice as it is part of the proposition to be a a smaller bag and a more elegant one that still has practicality of the handle. I also remember this This is not a “party bag”! And something else stylish and delicateto complete the godmother/witness look.

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