Lotus manager set up like a blogger with money from fraud victims in Manaus; watch the video

Manaus – The leader of the Lotus group, Naara Kayana Normando da Silva, appeared as a blogger with money from the scams that the company applied to more than 200 public officials in Manaus. According to information from the PF investigation, the woman who was in the position of “manager” received a basic salary of 70 thousand reais per month from the Lotus Corporate group.

With puffy eyelashes, gel nails, lip fillers, lensed teeth and heavy make-up, the young woman also flaunted herself as a corporate model, selling the glamorous image of Lotus to other businesses around the city of Manaus and winning over potential “clients”.

Watch the video:

PF Fair Play operation

This Friday (14), the founder and president of the Lotus Corporate group, Jorge Luiz Guimarães de Araujo Dias, has the company under investigation by the federal police after reports of fraud against more than 200 public officials in Manaus, as well as in other places. cities in Brazil such as Rio de Janeiro, Belém, Boa Vista and Natal. With this coup, the group transferred more than R$ 156 million and laundered a lot of money through various activities. Farley Felipe de Araujo da Silva would be Jorge’s direct partner.

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