Luísa Sonza speaks out after the criticism of the new clip: ‘The will to die’

The singer was referring to the video for ‘Mama.cita’, a collaboration with rapper Xamã released last Wednesday, the 21st.

Playback/Instagram/@luisasonzaLuisa Sonza
Luísa Sonza released a song in partnership with Xamã

singer Luisa Sonza She did not like the comments about her new clip ‘Mama.cita’. On social networks, the gaucho spoke about the criticism she received for the previews of her partnership with the rapper. Shaman, published last Wednesday, the 21st. “How can I go on Twitter, see the comments and have an immediate desire to die. Congratulations on your talent guys”, wrote Sonza. Some Twitter users complained about the singer’s diction in the new song. “The text has nothing to do with it, her diction was terrible,” one account wrote. “The important thing is to try, isn’t it, Lu?”, quipped another. Even with this outburst, some fans disagreed with Luísa and compared the complaints to her personal problems. “I have a wish to die, enduring this every day to earn a minimum wage,” wrote one fan with images of the Luz station, in São Paulo. “Not in the mood to read, turn off,” said another netizen.

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