LULA doesn’t think twice and “drastic changes” to the withdrawal rules of THIS signed wallet are approved.

Oh birth withdrawal Disruption Compensation Fund (FGTS:), launched under former President Jair Bolsonaro’s government, takes effect this month and can be claimed by those born in March.

With this, the employee can deduct a portion FGTS: once a year. However, one must be careful.

According to the current rules, the withdrawing employee will not be able to withdraw the entire balance of the account if they are fired without just cause.

However, what scares workers is that it can happen the last month in which an FGTS birthday withdrawal is possible.

Drastic changes in FGTS anniversary withdrawal

About the current rules that make it possible to remove the anniversary from the compensation fund (FGTS:Labor and Employment Minister Luis Marinho said last Tuesday (7) that the federal government should present a proposal to the National Congress proposing: “Abrupt Changes” rules that are currently in effect.

He said about the end of the event. “I can’t say that, because then I would be replacing the parliament, it’s a settled law, what we’re going to offer to the parliament is the possibility of dramatic changes to it, even the end of the possibility, but that’s up to Congress.”

Will the FGTS birthday withdrawal end? Lula approved?

Expiration or Non-Anniversary of Opt Out FGTS: will be discussed at the meeting of the board of trustees FGTS: In this month.

The head of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Luis Marinho, said that workers who requested to withdraw from the anniversary through a salary loan with Caixa or who applied for the anniversary will be able to stop from March.

In other words, there will be a significant change: in case of dismissal, the employee will be able to withdraw the FGTS balance, even if he has fulfilled his birthday.


The federal government has suggested that it intends to end the anniversary withdrawal. The portfolio justifies the possible decision by stating that the objective FGTS:, is to give minimum financial security to the worker in case of job loss. This is also justified by the fact that FGTS should be used for things like buying a house and retirement.

What do the experts say?

As mentioned above, Luis Marinho defends the end of the event on safety grounds for the worker himself. However, according to experts in the field, the possibility of withdrawal only benefits the employee, because in this way he will have access to the money that belongs to him, which he can use to pay off debts or finance property.

How do I know if I’m eligible?

The employee can check whether he is entitled to the benefit through the application FGTS: (Available for iOS and Android). If you are eligible, just provide the bank account details held by the employee to receive the money. The amount is deposited five business days after the request.

How to request a birthday deduction

It is important to emphasize that the FGTS birthday withdrawal is not mandatory. Applicants should inform about the decision by the last day of their birthday month to receive the money in the same year.

After the month of birth, the employee has up to two months to withdraw. Order must be placed on FGTS: or on the Caixa website.

Who can apply?

By law, every employee with an active or inactive account has the option to join the birthday party. For this, it is necessary to enable the withdrawal option in the channels available by Caixa.

Without a specific request, an employee will only be able to withdraw FGTS in statutory situations such as buying a home, retiring and being fired without just cause.

FGTS Birthday Withdrawal Value

The employee will be able to deduct a portion that varies between 5% and 50% of the balance, depending on the amount available. You are also entitled to a bonus.

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