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Lula goes to the businessmen while raiding the market

Photo: PT Brasil via YouTube

Lula is intensifying closed-door meetings with businessmen and bankers as much as he is stepping up public attacks on Brazil’s financial sector. In an effort to make his election possible in October, PA meets with Brazil’s GDP, without, however, giving up criticism or presenting a specific economic program for the government.

A report in the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo indicates that the PT has been meeting with the industry for the past two weeks in an effort to get closer to the industry. Lula is due to meet representatives of Fiesp this Tuesday (5th) and members of the National Confederation of Commerce (CNC) this week.

“These people cannot be so ignorant that they just accumulate wealth. So-and-so is the richest guy in the world. One has 50 million dollars, the other has 70 million.said the president. For what? What will you spend it on? What do you want to save so much money for, donkey? Divide a part in the salary.”

The candidate has not yet specified the details of his government’s economic plan, howeverá said he would fight the spending cap and roll back 2017 labor reforms.

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