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Lula’s government signs contracts with suspected ‘asphalt cartel’

Photo: Marcelo Camargo/Agência Brasil (2013)

The Folha report shows that Lula’s government signed contracts approx. BRL 650 million with a number of contractors suspected of activity cartel in paving works.

The pattern is similar to the pattern identified in an audit last year court Union accounts on evidence of cartel activity from public tenders Codevasf.

The newspaper analyzed 56 bids Codevasf paving 2022. made mostly at the end Jair Bolsonaro’s government. Of this total, 47 bids led to the signing of treaties in 2023, already under Lula.

The TCU audit, conducted under the Bolsonaro administration, was based on anti-cartel guidelines that are used Where?. The agency claimed to have found evidence of asphalt cartel activity front end offers It is casting combination between companies.

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