Lula’s team fears Bolsonaro’s contract problems will affect Sisu

The representatives of the educational group gave an interview to the journalists on Tuesday afternoon (6) to present the x-ray of the data they received.

Renato Machado and Victoria Azevedo
Brazil D.F

The education team of the newly elected President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva’s (PT) transition cabinet fears that the budget restrictions imposed by the current government may affect the system of filling vacant positions at Sisu universities, which will have a selection process in February.

Members of the Transitional Cabinet also expressed concern over the Enem (National High School Examination) main gate competition for higher education to be held later this month. The potential difficulties will not affect the PPL (Persons Deprived of Liberty) exam in January, but could disrupt the test schedule next year.

Representatives of the educational group gave an interview to reporters this Tuesday afternoon (6) to present an X-ray picture of the data they received. Coordinator of technical groups, former minister Alozio Mercadante also participated.

Education coordinators had a meeting yesterday with Minister Victor Godot, who would outline the budgetary challenges facing the portfolio and the potential implications for public policy in the sector.

Lula’s team points to a particular concern with information systems, which could affect the progress of a number of public policies at the Ministry of Education. They specifically mentioned the issue of Sisu.

“But specifically, the issue of Sisu is worrying, because changes must be made in the system like Sisprune. These are questions that we are going to delve into, but it concerns us,” said former Minister of Education Henrique Paim, one of the coordinators of the technical group.


Another member of the team, former executive secretary Luis Claudio Costa, expressed concern about the process of filling vacancies early next year.

“Sisu will start there from February 28 and sometimes you have a hard time filling vacancies. So, in addition to no longer having an inadequate calendar, the ideal is to always do this in advance. […] if there is any problem in the system, it is very serious, because students cannot get admission in universities and institutes,” he said.

With Enem, the transition team avoided a more alarming tone. “As for the enemy, I would say that even now, the PPA has already hired the test that will be held in January. You have to check the pending payments, but we have concerns about the next Enem, for example, because there is an ongoing tender process that will be done later this year,” Pym said.

The former minister is planning a team meeting with INEP, the agency responsible for federal assessments, to find out the status of each exam.


“Sisu must work, ProUni, all these systems must work so that it does not affect the calendar of higher education institutions or the calendar of federal public institutions,” he added.


Lula’s team reiterated that there will be no pay for resident physicians and CAPS (Higher Education Personnel Improvement System) researchers in December due to budget cuts.

As regards Capes scholarship holders, approximately R$480 million is to be paid, corresponding to 20% of the total committed (reserved). Linked to the Ministry of Education, Capes is responsible for the promotion, regulation and evaluation of Brazilian graduate programs.

Therefore, if there are no measures taken by the current government, there is a risk that 14,000 medical residency scholars and another 100,000 researchers with master’s and doctoral scholarships will go unpaid.


At the beginning of the evening, Capes published a letter criticizing the reduction of resources and the possibility of non-payment of grants. The agency states that it is “surprised” by the publication of the decree, which “completely canceled the authorization of financial allocations during the month of December”.

Capes notes that the solution to this issue is necessary not only to preserve the activity, but also “to show a dignified attitude to science and its researchers”.

“That [congelamento] Capes has been stripped of the ability to allocate any money, even if it has been done before, which will prevent it from fulfilling its obligations, from the administrative maintenance of the organization to the payment of more than 200,000 scholarships, which must be deposited by tomorrow. , December 7,” the text says.


Faced with this scenario, Capes states that he “requested the competent authorities” to immediately clear the financial resources essential for the regular performance of his functions, “without which the organization and its scholars are already beginning to suffer severe suffocation.”


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