Luner about coalition plans for road expansion.  "It gives clarity"English 

Luner about coalition plans for road expansion. “It gives clarity”

Lüsserbach community chairman Karl Lohmüller is not yet aware of the NRW coalition’s plans for road expansion. The planned renovation of the intersection is part of the financing plan. © Goldstein/Quiring-Lategahn

Investment in road construction is probably off the table. The coalition agreement of CDM and the Greens provides for this. Karl Lohmüller, president of the Lusserbach settlers, is satisfied. “Then there will be clarity.”

As soon as the city repairs a street, it asks residents to pay. The basis is the NRW Municipal Tax Act (KAG). This has been a financial challenge for some property owners. Because thousands of euros can be paid quickly. Carl Lohmüller, president of the Lucerbach community, is also familiar with the topic. Some residents would contribute five-figure sums to the repair of the dilapidated intersection. But only on paper. Because now there was a funding program.

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