MacBook Pros with M2 Pro and M2 Max will not appear in time. Apple has seen a slide

Waiting for MacBook Pro with M2 Pro and M2 Max? Well, you wait a while.

MacBooks with M2 debuted last year, and there are still no upgraded versions of the chips. What is it about?

Last year, Apple released a series of laptops with a second-generation chip. Computers with M2 did not disappoint, and the new systems from the giant met all the expectations of users, providing, among other things, much better processor or graphics card performance than M1.

After all, the plans were that by the end of the year there would be MacBook Pros with improved M2 systems – Pro and Max. The scheme is well known from the M1 series devices, but this time something went wrong and improved systems were supposed to appear on the market earlier this year. Well, it looks like another picture is in the works.

M2 Pro and Max will appear even later. Another is pushing Apple

At first, it was speculated that the delay in the launch of the M2 Pro and Max would not be particularly noticeable, and computers with improved chips would be available for purchase in the first quarter of this year. This information was confirmed by Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, who, however, reported in his latest report that even such a plan may fail.

The more powerful variants of the M2 are expected to appear in the first half of 2023. Of course, this does not exclude the premiere in the first three months, but if they do not go on sale by the end of March, laptops with new systems can appear only during WWDC in June – and these are serious pictures.

Apple is constantly struggling with supply chain and device manufacturing issues. With all these factors, MacBook shipments are also expected to drop by 40 to 50 percent in the first quarter of this year.

Credit: Mark Gurman/Bloomberg

Main graphics: Kamil Świtalski / Antyweb

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