Madrid collected 72,840 euros after auctioning lost items around the city

The auction of lost items launched by the Madrid City Council broke its own record for increase the initial price of goods that were the subject of public sale by 403%.. In the 15 days it was open, more than 14,000 requests for information on vacant lots were received, offering 2,500 lots that had not been claimed by owners for more than two years.

The starting price of the auction was 18,031 euros, which reached after the bids a total of 72,840 euros. Six items exceeded the sale price of 1,000 euros, among which the watch stands out Rolex awarded for 4750 euros; an Audemars Piguet women’s watch for which EUR 4,500 was paid and a diamond and 18-carat gold bracelet starting at EUR 600 for which EUR 2,500 was paid.

Other prized items include an Elizabethan ring valued at 300 euros that was awarded for 800; And eland skull on a wooden board which came out for 20 euros and for which 250 euros were paid and a saxophone from 60 euros which rose to 550 euros. At the electronic auction, which started on October 5 and ended on October 19, they are 2,074 people actively participated despite some 4,000 registered.

Prize winners will be able to take possession of their new property after paying the prize price in Sala Retiro facilities up to 15 days after the end of the auction. Payment can be made in cash, credit card or bank card via the auction room website.

The Lost and Found Office of the Madrid City Council currently has 89,479 items are waiting for their owners to collect them in its premises on Paseo del Molino, next to Legazpi. Items are delivered by citizens, but also entities with which there is an established contract, such as EMT, Metro de Madrid, Renfe or Aena.

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