'Major folly' in Selmer Lidl car park: Tornado of trolleys seenEnglish 

‘Major folly’ in Selmer Lidl car park: Tornado of trolleys seen

Is it art or can it go away? That’s probably what many Borkers asked themselves on Sunday afternoon. Unknown persons had created a circle of shopping trolleys in the Lidl car park in Bork.

About 50 shopping carts were elaborately covered and tied together to form a circle around a lantern. On Sunday (July 3), the “tornado of carts,” as one Facebook user called the structure, decorated the parking lot of the Lidl supermarket in Bork for about two hours. “All the cars were connected and pushed by force,” writes Janina Napierala on Facebook. When she came to the parking lot around 2 p.m. with her partner and kids to go skating and biking, she discovered the cars, posted them on Facebook, and received numerous comments.

Police: A great folly

Harmless joke

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