Małopolska Chata Podcieniowa – an unusual house inspired by local tradition. Take a look at it and learn about its interesting history

Małopolska Chata Podcieniowa is a unique, award-winning family home created by the respected BXB studio. In 2022, the building won a silver medal at the prestigious “Architectural Oscar” competition. The minimalist house grown out of local tradition is worth a look – see the gallery.


  • Małopolska Chata Podcieniowa, i.e. creativity despite limitations
  • Inspiration from local tradition plus modernity. A unique family house enthusiastic about abroad

Małopolska Chata Podcieniowa is an extraordinary family house whose design was created in 2015-2020. It is the work of the Polish studio BXB studio headed by the respected architect Bogusław Barnaś. The studio already has many interesting and award-winning projects behind it, such as:

The building refers to the wooden buildings that were once common in Lesser Poland. In the case of this project, the creators did not have full freedom at all. According to the provisions of the local plan only a one-story house with a two-story attic could be built on the plot belonging to the client. Despite this limitation, the BXB studio team managed to create a modern and comfortable building.

– We creatively used the topography of the scenic plot and separated as many as five different levels, legally falling under the definition of a two-story house – proudly say the authors of the project.

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The house impresses not only with its space, but also with the amount of light. Thanks to the ingeniously designed block and large glazing, residents of Małopolska Chata Podcieniowa can enjoy bright interiors and beautiful views. The unique combination of tradition and modernity is emphasized by the materials used. The ground floor is covered with natural old wood reminiscent of old country houses, while the attic is covered with modern Ruukki Classic sheet metal.

– The attic is minimalistic, covered with sheet metal, closed (…) it forms a recognizable arcade in a triangle, protecting it from the sun and rain. In the attic on the south side there is an open (…) interior of a stage bedroom, and on the north side a two-story study with a mezzanine on the fifth highest level – this is how the authors describe the project on their website.

The Lesser Poland Arcade Cottage project quickly began to gain recognition among architecture experts and soon received prestigious foreign awards. In 2022, as the only family house from Poland, it delighted the jury of the German competition German Design Award 2022 and Bogusław Barnaś received a statuette in the “Special” category.

– This is a special and sentimental award for me because it comes from the country where I lived and studied. Today, in BXB studio, we realize projects in various countries, especially in Poland, Switzerland, Great Britain or Germany – said Barnaś after receiving the award.

But that was not the end of the good streak of the building in question. And in 2022, BXB studio received a great honor – this studio was the first in history to receive a double award at the A’Design Award competition, which is sometimes called the “architectural Oscar”. The silver medal went to Małopolska Chata Podcieniowa and Dom Polska Zagroda.

– Polska Zagroda and Małopolska Chata Podcieniowa are designer houses, but at the same time durable and timeless, because they are rooted in tradition. We believe in BXB studio that thanks to this they are something more than an ordinary modern building – wrote Barnaś on Facebook at the time.

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