Man attacks pregnant woman after suspecting she got pix from dad

The man came to the police accompanied by his mother-in-law and reported that the woman has schizophrenia.

The pregnant woman reports that she was attacked by her 25-year-old husband in Annapolis (GO). According to the military police, the man punched the woman, burned her with a cigarette and even cut her arm with a drum.

According to the pregnant woman, she was abused after receiving a PIX from her father and her husband suspected it was from her ex. The man fled, but this Monday (13) reported to the police department.

The man defended himself by saying that the woman has schizophrenia, he did not attack her and it was a misunderstanding.

The attacks took place last Saturday night (11), in the house where the couple lives, in the 2nd stage of Setor Parque Brasilia.

According to the woman, the man did not accept the pregnancy because he suspected that the child was his ex. The woman is four months pregnant and the man’s wife is nine months pregnant.

After the attack, the victim ran to the street to seek help. At that moment, her husband was going to run away from the scene. The victim reported that he pulled her hair, hit her, and that the man handcuffed her and burned her with a cigarette.

The military police squad took the victim to the Blata Center of the Civil Police.


MP Isabella Joy, from the Women’s Aid Specialist Police Unit (Dem), said reports at least confirmed she had burns as well as scratches.

“He appeared earlier today, spontaneously, and said that there is no such thing, it’s a misunderstanding. He wanted to listen, but we had not received the case yet, we were coming from Central de Flagrantes. He was not arrested because there was no more scandalous crime and for appearing spontaneously,” he said.

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