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Man gets water bottle stuck in anus and suffers from it for fear of his wife

An Iranian man is recovering after having a 7-inch water bottle removed from his anus. The man reportedly pushed the bottle up his butt without explaining why, although some suspect he did it for sexual gratification. Meanwhile, he has remained silent about the pain and discomfort caused by the stuck bottle because he was “afraid to tell his wife” and “embarrassed” at her thoughts.

Eventually, his constipation and refusal to eat brought him and his wife to the emergency room, where cat scans clearly showed a stuck bottle.

Man suffers silently after getting water bottle stuck in anus

Every day, doctors remove many different foreign bodies from the rectum of men around the world.

An Iranian man has joined thousands of people facing consequences for putting objects in their anus after they got stuck in a water bottle.

According to the Journal of Clinical Case Reports, the 50-year-old man arrived at Imam Khomeini Hospital in Surrey with his wife, who explained that he suffered from severe constipation, abdominal pain and stopped eating.

The New York Post reported that the man hid his pain from his wife and medical professionals at the hospital until a CT scan revealed a 7-and-a-half-inch bottle stuck to his rectum.

He also avoided mentioning that he inserted the object himself due to “embarrassment” and “fear of his wife,” according to the publication.

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Why did he do this?

The man first inserted the bottle into the bottom of the anus, hoping to pull it out through the cap, but unfortunately the whole thing slipped in because it was stuck in the large intestine and he couldn’t get it back.

While the doctors didn’t say why he inserted the bottle, they did say the cases were usually in acts of sexual gratification.

The man also suffered from depression and was referred to a psychiatric clinic after doctors managed to pull the bottle out without hurting his bowels.

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