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Manual adapter for Samyang V-AF lenses – precise focus control

Samyang introduces a special adapter for V-AF lenses that enables precise manual focusing in demanding video productions. However, this is only one of its possibilities.

Introduced in September, the Samyang V-AF lenses are the first film aimed at mirrorless cameras equipped with an AF system. In addition, they are very affordable, which makes them a very attractive proposition for beginners and intermediate video creators. The slightly limited ergonomics of the film lens may discourage professionals. The manufacturer wants to change this by introducing a special adapter V-AF MF adapter.

All the features of a cine lens in a compact form

The Samyang V-AF Lens Adapter adds a large, comfortable and accurate manual focus ring. The adapter easily attaches to the front of any V-AF lens, giving filmmakers and videographers full focus control.

The focus adapter has a dual scale in feet and meters, and fine focus adjustments can be made with a smooth 300° rotation. The focus ring is the industry standard 0.8 mod and can be combined with any tracking focus.

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In addition, with the help of an adapter, the MF ring on the side of the lens can be used as an aperture ring. There is also a metering light on the front, which allows the photographer to easily know whether the camera is in recording or standby mode. The diameter of the front element (95 mm), on the other hand, enables the installation of standard matt boxes.

With the help of the new adapter, it is possible to get all the features of a traditional film lens, but in a compact form. Together with Samyang V-AF series lenses, the total weight of the series is only 430g.

Key information:

  • The standard diameter of 95 mm ensures compatibility with the mat box
  • Industry standard 0.8 Mod in focus ring
  • Built-in indicator light
  • Dual scale with feet and meters
  • Turning angle 300°
  • Mechanical MF

Price and availability

The Samyang V-AF MF adapter will go on sale in March 2023 at a price of 2490 zla.

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