Maraisa edits with Elon Musk and sends a new message

Earlier this week, the singer surprised her followers by sending the first message to the billionaire

Singer Maraisa, 34, of the duo with Mayara, sent another message to billionaire Elon Musk, 51, on Thursday night (28). The artist also joked on Twitter, sharing a montage of herself alongside “Lonlon,” an affectionate nickname she coined for the mogul.

“Lonlon came straight from the US for today’s show. What a joy to receive you! Welcome my love, thank you for supporting me,” he wrote. In another tweet, he responded to a text that Musk said it’s harder to make friends than enemies.

“Hello Lonlon, don’t worry. We know the good you do for humanity, come see my home here in Goiania, Brazil. Everyone here loves you, including me. You are the best,” the singer wrote in English. In the comments, fans and netizens praised the artist’s “bilingual” tweet and also poked fun at the nickname coined for the SpaceX CEO.

Earlier this week, Maraisa surprised fans by sending the first message to the billionaire. She fell out with Musk after the businessman denied rumors of an affair with Google co-founder Sergey Brin and his friend’s ex-wife, Nicole Shanahan. “I haven’t had sex in years,” the Tesla founder said.

Maraisa responded by creating a nickname for the billionaire and saying that the two have a lot in common. “Lonlon, we have a lot in common, you know,” she said. “You should have come to Brazil to meet me. But how, right? You always work hard and so do I…

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