Marcelo Adnet manages Zé Delivery’s Sala da Diversão

The promotion, signed by GUT, is part of the brand’s activities as a sponsor of BBB23.

Zé Delivery, one of BBB23’s sponsor brands, took advantage of the buzz about the reality show to launch its new campaign titled “Sala da Diversão”.

To strengthen the sponsorship, zé Delivery invited actor and comedian Marcelo Adnet to star in the play and be the room commander. The campaign, signed by GUT, refers to one of the control rooms of Big Brother Brasil and shows Adnet inviting the public to accompany the Zé Delivery networks to win discounts and promotions that will run throughout the program.


The content is developed by Globo in collaboration with the brand and will be published on the profile of the comedian and Zé Delivery.

“Sala de Diversão” opens a new moment for the brand and a new way to communicate with our current consumers and new consumers that arrive during the project. We know that the public that interacts with Zé likes to socialize and have fun, so we tell them that in addition to delivering cold drinks, quickly and at a very low price, Zé also delivers a lot of fun.” said Paola Mello. , Head of Brand at Zé Delivery.

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