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Marchal says he recorded with Venezuelan prostitutes for Bolsonaro campaign

Photo: Reproduction

Dealing with Jair Bolsonaro’s campaign, coach Pablo Marchal says he visited Roraima this week to gather testimonies from Venezuelans. He wanted to know the reasons behind the flight to Brazil and says he was able to record with immigrants who started making a living as prostitutes in the country.

“There is a time when I say, he painted an atmosphere with this one. Then he didn’t want to talk [no vídeo]. Then I say, “So there was no mood.”says an influential, elected federal deputy.

The inflector said the images will be turned into a documentary titled Hell on earthwhich will be “Show me what happens when a country goes communist”. The idea is to make the video available early next week, the final week of the election campaign, for airing on Bolsonaro’s television campaign.

When asked if Carlos Bolsonaro would allow a video with this phrase “I’m in the mood to paint”Marshall replied. “If you’re not on a TV show, tune in to the networks.”

Marchal says he was impressed to find no Brazilian prostitutes, only Venezuelans. The photos were taken in the city of Pacaraima on the border between Brazil and Venezuela.

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