Márcia Sensitiva makes year-end predictions for Alice

With the slogan “Goals for the Year”, the campaign encourages the public to achieve their resolutions by 2023.

Alice launched its year-end campaign with the slogan “Goals for the Year” and astrologer Marcia Sensitiva, who encourages people to achieve their goals in a healthy way throughout 2023.

In the article, in Instagram-reel format, Marcia predicts that people will set goals they won’t reach and, like Healthtech, argues that people need to know what their health is like before taking any action. That’s why she’s releasing Alice’s health meter to the public, so people can know which pillars they need to pay more attention to.

“Our goal with the calculator is to help people and show them a little bit of what Alice does so that from there they can plan and achieve their health goals, focusing on the area that needs the most attention and care,” said Daniel Knoop, the leader From Alice Health Teams.

The campaign video is a co-production of Alice Creative Studio with the astrologer team and is available on healthtech’s Instagram.

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