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Marcio France rules out the privatization of Santos port

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Announced today, one of Lula’s future cabinet ministers, former Sao Paulo Governor Marcio Fransa (PSB, photo), said that the privatization of the port of Santos has been cancelled.O Globo reports.

France, which has its electoral base in Baixada Santista, will head the Ministry of Ports and Airports, which will be the result of splitting the current Ministry of Infrastructure into two parts; the other portfolio will be transport.

“The auction will not take place. The port authority will remain state property. We will make concessions of areas inside the port, private terminals”declared the former governor, adding that other Docas companies would “Continue Status”🇧🇷

The Santos port privatization plan was already set in motion by Jair Bolsonaro’s administration, which sent a draft concession notice to TCU.

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