Maria Alice and João Miguel are the most registered baby names in RN in 2022

One of the biggest innovations of 2022, Name ceased to be immutable in Brazil. Although since June of this year it is possible for any adult over 18 years of age to change their name at the Notary’s office regardless of the reason, and parents of babies, in consensus, change the name of the newborn within 15 days after completion. birth registration – Federal Law 14.382/2022 -, the preference for the female name did not change between female names: Maria Alice, with 412 registrations, took the lead and became the most chosen name among girls in Rio Grande do Norte. On the other side, João Miguel continues to lead for a second year among male names and was the most registered among newborns, with 316 registrations. See the full list below🇧🇷

The ranking of the most registered names in 2022 ends up being influenced by the data of the children of new national personalities, influencers. Maria Alicedaughter of influencer Virginia Fonseca, and Gaelic, the son of Zoo influencer and YouTuber Christian Figueiredo, are the names that grew the most in the last year. The first has maintained the leadership of the female name since 2021, while the second has climbed to the fourth position in the ranking of male names.

Another characteristic of the most recorded elections in Rio Grande do Norte shows the Brazilians’ preference for simple and biblical names such as Davi, Ravi, Noah, Theo, Samuel, Liz and Maria, which symbolize the new taste of Potiguar and which, although not yet. in the list, from the top 10, increase year after year in the state ranking of the 50 most registered names.

The complete data cataloged by the Brazilian Registry Offices is part of the Civil Registry Transparency Portal, administered by the National Association of Registrars of Physical Persons (Arpen-Brasil), which brings together a database of births, marriages and deaths registered by units present in all 5570 Brazilian cities. On the platform, it is possible to carry out searches from year to year throughout the national territory, in regions, states and municipalities, also allowing deductions with simple and compound names.

🇧🇷We live in a time of great social dynamics and are greatly influenced by the new personalities of the digital world, which end up dictating Brazilian tastes and preferences and influencing tastes and behaviors”, says Gustavo Renato Fiscarelli, president of Arpen-Brasil. 🇧🇷Trend or not, the fact is that the big news of the year is this: are you over 18 and don’t like your name? It is now possible to go directly to the civil registry office and exchange it in an efficient and simplified way and leave with the new birth certificate.“, he adds.

The 10 most common names in RN in 2022

name change

Six months after the entry into force of the new federal law no. 14.382/22, which allowed the change of name from the age of 18 regardless of the reason, as well as the change of the name of newborns within 15 days after birth registration, Brazil registered 4970 name changes directly at the Civil Status Offices.

To perform the act directly at the Registry Office, the interested party over 18 years of age must appear in the unit with his personal documents (RG and CPF). The value of the act is the cost of a procedure, determined by law and varying according to the unit of the federation. If the person wants to return to the change, he must file a lawsuit in court. After the change, the Office of Civil Status will communicate the change to the bodies issuing the identity document, KPP and passport, as well as the High Electoral Court, preferably by electronic means.

In the case of changing the name and surname of the newborn, it is necessary for the parents to be in consensus, to present the baby’s birth certificate and personal documents (CPF and RG). If there is no consensus between the parents, the matter from the Secretariat must be sent to the competent judge for a decision.

This year’s new law expanded the list of possibilities for changing names and surnames without the need for court proceedings or the hiring of lawyers. Until then, the Law on Public Records allowed the change of the name, which is legally known as the first name, in the first year of majority, i.e. between 18 and 19 years of age, as well as the change in the case of transgender and transsexual persons, due to the decision taken by the Federal Supreme Court (STF) in 2018 and regulated by Provision no. 73 of the National Council of Justice (CNJ), except for situations involving the protection of witnesses and in cases of notorious and well-known pseudonyms, these last two possibilities only with judicial authorization.

The inclusion of the surname, on the other hand, can occur in marriages, in acts of recognition of paternity and maternity – biological or socio-affective – and in cases where the parents of minor children establish, together, that the original record does so. do not reflect all family lines. Withdrawal or change of surname can be requested by the widowed person, upon presentation of the death certificate of the spouse.

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