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Mario Bautista took three straight in the first round, overtaking Guido Cannetti.

Mario Bautista and Guido Cannetti UFC Las Vegas Weigh-In Credit: Youtube/UFC

Mario Bautista brought his impressive three-fight victory against Guido Cannetti, the oldest bantamweight in the UFC, at UFC Las Vegas.

The Argentinian Cannetti was still able to put together a winning streak despite being forty-three years old in the aging division, decreasing much-needed speed. As the biggest loser on the card, Cannetti looks to the fighter who many consider Bautista’s future top 15 contenders, who are 5-2 in the UFC, finishing three promotions. Meanwhile, Cannetti has a 4-5 UFC record.

Both fighters punched south and Bautista immediately advanced forward. The two also threw a big kick to start. Mario then easily knocked Guido down just 20 seconds, landing in the top half of the guard. Bautista worked to put the ball in the lead, but Cannetti wasn’t easy to blow through the mat. He changed tactics and tried to control the flank. Guido struggled to scramble to his feet, then tripped Bautista himself, landing in top control. He grabbed his back and locked his triangle.

Bautista choked a bare rearward hit on a standing Cannetti who grappled hand to hand and managed to clear the hook. Bautista suddenly lured his opponent. Immediately switch to the back again. And locked all bareback chokes in a fraction of a second, Cannetti had no chance. He was forced to touch after just a moment.

This quick win in the first round was yet another impressive victory for Mario Bautista and will surely now make him a top-15 opponent or runner-up in the bantamweight stacked division. The well-rounded mixed martial artist has now completed 3 rounds in the preliminary rounds and his eyes are increasingly on him with every bout. He called for a top 15 bout, but said that if it didn’t go through, He wants to fight former champion Cody Garbrant, who just won last week at UFC 285.

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Mario Bautista defeats Guido Cannetti by submission (bareback), 1st round, 3:18.

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