Market Chef combines gastronomy and networking with a focus on the advertising market

The project was designed to create connections between people in the advertising, communication and entertainment market.

In order to bring together creativity, gastronomy and networking, the project “Market Chef – At the Table with the Market” was designed to bring people from the communication, advertising and entertainment markets around the dinner table.

The project, created by chef Raul Lemos and journalist Karan Novas, aims to offer people from the worlds of advertising, communication and entertainment through events, experiences where they can connect in personal and business ways around the dining table.

“I come from advertising and see a lot in common with gastronomy. In addition to creativity, the center has the idea of ​​providing unforgettable experiences and sensations, as well as the power to unite people. In a light way, the idea is to invite friends and connect people with complementary repertoires to share good stories, good food and good drinks around the table,” Lemos explained.

Inspired by the Chefs Tabel concept and held at CasaLab, a space created by Lemos in 2022, the project will have just 10 seats per meeting and will offer guests a cocktail followed by a five-course dinner with appetizers and pairings. designed for every occasion.

Each edition of Market Chef will be presented by a host company that will make the meeting possible in addition to specifying a limited number of guests. The general guest curation is managed by Raul Lemos and Karan Novas, in harmony with the hosts.

“The dinner table, surrounded by good food and interesting people, is definitely an ideal setting for sharing ideas and special connections. It happens during and after almost every major informal market event, but usually between people who already know each other. It’s an opportunity to share experiences and toast with brilliant and yet unknown minds, or with whom we only have superficial contact at industry events, in a more intimate and relaxed way; and made by Raúl Lemos in our front office, literally in his kitchen,” Novas said.

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