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Written by Bruno Almeida on July 29, 2022 at 12:24 pm

Amazon – The mayor of Coari, Keitton Pinheiro, in the company of councilors and other local authorities, handed over, this Thursday (28), the Basic Health Unit (UBS) of Laércio Braga de Souza, located in Vila Itapéua, a rural area of ​​the municipality. The inauguration is part of the city’s 90th anniversary program and represents a major achievement, as it is a pilot project that aims to revolutionize the health of the riverbank.

According to the mayor, located in Médio Solimões, UBS Laércio Braga de Souza will benefit more than 4,500 users, including 1,300 families from approximately 45 different communities, while supporting community members living on the Coari-Itapéua and Lago do Mamiá roads. From August 8, all services available in the city’s primary health care network, recommended by the Ministry of Health, will be offered on site.

Keitton Pinheiro pointed out that this inauguration is a great progress for the entire river region of the municipality of Coari, considering that currently more than 20 thousand users live in rural areas, and the coverage of these peoples was carried out with the support of UBS Fluvial and Ribeirinho UBS, which despite which are units of excellence, do not support as much demand for care and need more support structures.

“It is an achievement for everyone, since this is a pilot project of the true transformation that the health of the Coari River needs to achieve in the coming years with the implementation of other health units in other channels,” the mayor emphasized.

The grandson of the late Laércio Brage de Souza, Jean Paulo, said that the health unit was an old dream of the residents, so its delivery is very important. “It is with great happiness that we welcome this UBS today and the family of Braga de Souza who was honored by Mayor Keitton Pinheiro. We thank God for this moment, because the services will be extended to other populations in the regions near the community”, he pointed out.

Farmer Alcinete Braga de Souza, 57, another member of Vila Itapéu’s founding family, pointed out that now it will be easier for families to get health care. “It was very good for us, we will no longer have to go to the city or spend on transportation. It’s all close to home. It will improve our lives a lot.”

In the new UBS, multidisciplinary care will be carried out, including medical consultations and procedures, along with clinical care and support in possible intercurrents, since the unit has a stabilization room for more serious patients who will be referred from Coari to the Regional Hospital. Nursing consultations will also be held, with prenatal programs, family planning, preventive examinations, growth and development, consultations and dental procedures, which is a great need for the people of Rijeka.

The unit will also ensure the vaccination of all immunization agents offered by the Ministry of Health, the collection and results of routine examinations, the dispensing of drugs according to a doctor’s prescription, the collection and diagnosis of malaria and other endemic diseases, educational activities that emphasize the prevention and promotion of health diseases, among other services they have for the goal is to raise health indicators in the rural area of ​​the municipality.

Villa Itapéu UBS was built by the City Infrastructure Department (Seinfra). It is about more than 360 square meters of construction and a modern facility that will guarantee the provision of top service to the population. The building is fully air-conditioned and has 12 equipped rooms, including a meeting room, endemic rooms, medical, dental, nursing, pharmacy, pantry and others, as well as a reception with a capacity of 50 people and all necessary system installations. for the proper functioning of the site.

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