MC Pipokinha apologizes to the teachers after canceling the shows

The singer’s lawyer said the funk singer’s speech was ‘distorted from her true intent’; in conversation with followers, the artist has mocked the salary of education professionals

Reproduction/Instagram/@pihrainhaMc Pipokinha apologizes to the teachers (1)
MC Pipokinha had canceled shows after belittling teachers in a video

After canceling concerts due to controversies involving teachers, the singer MC Pipokinha apologized to education professionals. In a tweet, Funkeira’s lawyer posted an official note of clarification. “The singer comes to formalize her intention to emphasize the importance of the class of education professionals who deserve to be seen better and therefore be paid better,” the statement says, underlining the insults that MC Pipokinha has received in recent days after controversial. Videos of their performances go viral on social media. “The singer, unfortunately, has suffered numerous gratuitous attacks on the Internet, because she is active in women’s empowerment issues and because she is constantly on the rise in the media and when she heard words allegedly said by another woman, she expressed in a dubious manner, thereby giving it a chance for pejorative interpretations distorted from their real intent,” he adds. Speaking to followers on Instagram, the funk artist mocked teachers’ salaries and compared them to her own. “Don’t fight with your teacher because of me. Poor thing, she’s already a teacher. You must really love the profession, because you listen to other people’s children? You have nothing to do at home anyway. My dance costs R$ 70,000, 30 minutes on stage. She doesn’t even earn R$5,000,” he said. After these lines, which caused an uproar on social networks, some of the artist’s performances were cancelled.

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