Meat is cheaper. Picanha and filet mignon prices have decreased.

Good news for barbecue lovers. Meat is cheaper in Brazil. In February, prices had their biggest drop in 15 months, according to IBGE, Brazil’s Institute of Geography and Statistics.

The biggest reduction, for example, cuts like picanha – 2.63%. The price of filet mignon has already decreased by 1.77% and may decrease even more. The decline was small but representative after such a long rise.

After a price hike that seemed never to end, consumers are celebrating the news and say some Brazilians are starting to get meat back on their plates. And the best. the trend is more bearish in the coming months.

The reason for the decrease in the price of meat

Market analysts and economists have three explanations for this decline.

  • Lent, when the consumption of beef in the country decreases
  • A drop in the price of feed used to fatten animals
  • And the suspension of exports to China due to an unusual case of mad cow disease in Para

The law of supply and demand

Silvio Carlos Brito, president of the Butchers’ Union of Goias, said the law of supply and demand is also putting pressure on prices.

“We understand that this price remains due to the offer we have for the product today [a carne bovina] and also by consumer response. We also have steady sales without warming,” he told Jornal Nacional.

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The trend is lower

And Silvio Carlos Brito went further. said that the trend is that the price of meat will continue to fall.

“The outlook is that this price will be maintained, even with a downward trend,” he said.

But despite this decline, the price of meat remains high for most Brazilians who live on the monthly minimum wage. For them, the weekend barbecue is still a long way off.

“Especially for low-income Brazilians. The lower the family income, the more Brazilians tend to stay away from meat at that moment,” says FGV economist Andre Vaz.

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He also reminded that the price of meat has increased a lot in recent years and should decrease much more so that everyone can afford it.

“Meat does not stop rising in price for years. So, since the consumer has already seen the price of meat further away from what he paid four years ago, it is obvious that he will not be satisfied with a drop of a little more than 1%. This is too little to invite you to put meat in your basket,” he concluded.

After 15 months of growth, meat is cheaper, but it still has a long way to go to get back on the plate of the poorest Brazilian – Photo: reproduction / Abiec

According to JN

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