Mechanical keyboard – your fingers deserve it

For many years I thought my computer workstation was as comfortable as possible. I used a nice monitor, a comfortable chair, and a keyboard and mouse that I thought were pretty good. For many years I was used to typing with a membrane keyboard. I thought that there was simply no more convenient solution. Suffice it to say, one day I bought one of the cheaper gaming keyboards from a reputable manufacturer and was very happy with it. Honestly, I didn’t know how much I was losing by saving on writing equipment. And yet this is, for the most part, my job. I earn hundreds of thousands of characters a month typing on a computer keyboard. This means that I touch my computer keyboard at least several hundred thousand times each month, not counting the time I use it for personal purposes.

A few years ago, a friend of mine asked me why I still use a membrane keyboard despite this kind of work. I replied that I am not doing anything wrong. This is a great keyboard from a reputable manufacturer, with RGB lighting and a very massive case. This He looked at me pitifully and nodded, though I knew perfectly well that deep down he was just laughing at me.

After some time, the first mechanical keyboard sat on my desk. Although I couldn’t get used to it at all in the first days, nothing could stop this revolution. The change turned out to be a revolution, without which today I would not be able to work professionally for a long time.

Mechanical keyboard – loud, expensive, but comfortable

My husband, who occasionally uses my computer, had the most trouble getting used to the new (albeit really old) type of keyboard. Surprisingly, the problems weren’t when he was using the computer, but when I was at work. For the first few weeks, I heard endless complaints about how loud the new keyboard was. Worse still, working at night seemed impossible, and I have to admit that sometimes I like to have a long night so that I can spend more time enjoying myself during the day. It also happens that various responsibilities, which are mainly related to parenting, unexpectedly take up a lot of time, which means that I have to work non-standard hours. Fortunately, the complaints ended over time, and in their place there was a recognition of the higher comfort of work.

Well, I have to admit that it can take a long time to get used to the operation of a mechanical keyboard. Yes, human hearing can adapt to new sounds, so these sounds stop being annoying over time., however, such a process, depending on the specific person, may take some time. During this time, of course, you can support yourself in various ways, for example, listening to music with headphones. You can also decide to buy a keyboard with wet switches, but personally I don’t feel that need. The issue of getting used to this drawback of the mechanical keyboard becomes imperceptible.

It was much more difficult for me to come to terms with the price of this type of keyboard. A few years ago, a solid mechanical keyboard could cost PLN 500 or more. Nowadays, the price of these accessories has come down a bit, but you still have to put up with the cost of around 300 PLN and more. What will we get in return? As my experience has shown, an accessory that will bring the convenience of working with a computer to a completely new, previously unknown level. Yes, simple mechanical keyboards can cost even a dozen or more zlotys, but we would really like to work on something like this. Honestly, I associate it with working for a corporation where employees are provided with the worst possible but cheapest equipment as long as they can work on it. If you want to indulge yourself and are still hesitating to buy a mechanical keyboard, just make that decision, period. I guarantee you, you won’t regret it.

If a mechanical keyboard, what size?

The convenience of working on a mechanical keyboard fully compensates for the higher purchase price. However, when we decide to buy a mechanical keyboard, we still have to make another decision about its size. You can find this type of keyboard in the market in at least three different sizes that differ in the number of keys.

The first the main size is the popular full-size keyboard. It is a keyboard equipped with a number pad on the right side. However, manufacturers have noticed that many customers do not use the digital block at all, on the contrary. They prefer, even when working on a desktop computer, to use a smaller keyboard, such as the one they use for a laptop. This is how TKL mechanical keyboards are made ie. this key less (less than ten keys). The name comes directly from the fact that the numeric pad, i.e. ten keys with the numbers 0 to 9, has been eliminated.

In addition to TKL keyboards, we can find even smaller keyboards on store shelves, ie. 60% mechanical keyboards. They are characterized by a slightly different layout of keys, similar to laptops. These keyboards are mainly dedicated to gamers, mainly due to their mobility and the elimination of almost all unnecessary keys, but also to all those for whom desk space is a necessary and necessary condition for comfortable work. Like some large companies, they run so-called clean desk policywhere nothing should be on it at any time except what is absolutely necessary for the job, yes A certain group of computer users prefers to have absolutely nothing unnecessary in their eyes. 60% of keyboards are also created with such people in mind.

Who else is a 60% mechanical keyboard the perfect choice for? For example, for supporters of minimalism, for whom there will be a small keyboard that can fit everything you need definitely a better solution than a bulky full-size keyboard, in addition to a large palm rest. Personally, I already know that my next keyboard will be a 60% keyboard. Well, this seems to be the most suitable for text editing.

Mechanical keyboards are so good that they have won the hearts of Apple fans

Until recently, the mechanical keyboard was primarily associated with computer players. Distinctive, bright, multi-colored lighting structures can be found on the tables of many players, including those who share their achievements online. Therefore, it is not surprising that this group of users, who mainly use the computer for games, have become interested in mechanical keyboards. In the case of computers produced by Apple, it was a little different. MacBook and iMac users have most often not decided to buy a keyboard from a company other than Apple. Well, like an ecosystem, it’s an ecosystem. Most of them were well aware that the keyboard offered by the American corporation was not the most suitable solution, but deliberately agreed to use the solutions of their favorite manufacturer.

Some time ago, this trend was reversed. This was largely due to Logitech and its MX Keys keyboard, which was tailored to the needs of Apple computer users, although still membrane-based. Recently, Logitech also offers a new keyboard designed to work with macOS: MX Mechanical. We also sell Keychron products ie. mechanical keyboards with a minimalist design that perfectly match Apple computers. It is Keychron keyboards that are increasingly appearing on the desks of Apple enthusiasts, which can only indicate one thing: they also appreciate the comfort that is undeniably associated with using a mechanical keyboard. So, since the mechanical keyboard has won the hearts of both Windows PC users and Apple PC users, it means that it must be a better solution worth betting on in daily work.

Have you already bought or are you planning to buy?

As I admitted in the introduction, These days, a mechanical keyboard is one accessory I can’t imagine using a desktop computer without. Since I can significantly increase the comfort of work for a few hundred zlotys, for which I spend a large part of the day, I have no argument against agreeing to such an expense.

Finally, as always, I’d like to ask you what you think about mechanical keyboards. You already have your favorites, or maybe you’re just planning to buy one of them. If so, to what extent and with what switches? Please share your impressions in the comments. Maybe together we can choose the one and only, the best of all.

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