Medicine 1 native passages and village mention in MSEnglish 

Medicine 1 native passages and village mention in MS

The indigenous village of Yaguapiru in Dorados, 192 km from MS Campo Grande, is celebrating. After five years of study, 21-year-old Bernard Ortiz Machado realized his dream of studying medicine at a public institution.

He is the first native of the community to join the course. Bernard made his family proud and brought joy to his people. He passed UFGD, Federal University of Grande Dourados.

“It was very special and not just for me, but for my family, the community and what it means to us. It is gratifying to know that we can achieve our dreams,” says the new medical student.

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Bernard learned the good news late last month and initially chose to tell only his parents, Cristian Machado da Silva and Silvio Ortiz.

Later, the friends of the village learned about it and celebrated the boy’s achievement.

5 years of dedication

After completing secondary school at a local school, Bernard went on to study for university.

Over the years, the young man reveals that he was disappointed to see that he was not approved, but his family always supported him and the young man did not give up.

“It’s often disappointing to get the result and see it hasn’t gone through. What didn’t let me give up was my family,” he emphasizes.

Bernard has previously attempted college at other institutions and succeeded in another course.

“I tried Unimat, UNB and Unicamp, where I went to dentistry, until I knew I was here,” he noted.

Since then, the boy has received a lot of love and congratulations from people he doesn’t even know.

A dream come true

Bernard, the son of a teacher and a nurse, says that his desire to study medicine arose when he was a teenager.

At the age of 15, he did an internship at a hospital, where he got in touch with the area.

He says that his father also inspired him. “I was a young student at the hospital and my father is also a nurse. I have always had such contact with health, and since then it has been my dream,” he recalled.

Excited about classes starting at 4 last Monday, Bernard talked about his plans to pursue a career as a surgeon and the importance of representation.

“It is very difficult to imagine yourself in a place where you do not have representation. When you see yourself somewhere, you feel welcome, and someone there is encouraging you to go after it,” he concluded.

Congratulations Bernard and stay strong as your journey to success is just beginning.

Bernard has already started studying at UFGD, Federal University of Grand Dourados – Photo: personal archive

With information from Campo Grande News

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