Medico LED device for nasal therapy relieves the symptoms of rhinitis

Are you tired of runny nose and sneezing fits? Relieve allergic rhinitis with Medicoko. Brightens and warms your nasal cavity, providing relief.

Stop living with a chronic runny nose when you have one Medico LED device for nasal therapy. Using LED light therapy, it illuminates and warms your nasal cavity, relieving the symptoms of chronic rhinitis.

If you have allergic rhinitis, your nose is probably stuffy 24/7 and you have regular bouts of sneezing. But you don’t have to live with these irritating symptoms, not when you have Medico.

This health gadget uses LED therapy to stimulate blood flow near your nose, promoting mucus drainage. So stuffy noses running from pollen, polluted air and viruses can be a thing of the past. Best of all, it’s easy to incorporate into your life and is suitable for both adults and children.

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What symptoms does this LED Nasal Therapy Device treat?

Nasal rhinitis results from exposure to polluted air, fine dust, pollen and viruses. Symptoms occur when the nasal mucosa overreacts to it.

And, of course, symptoms include all the familiar stuff: sneezing, stuffy or runny nose, and postnasal drip. They block the sinuses with fluid and cause sneezing fits.

Fortunately, these are the symptoms Medicoco treats.

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How does low intensity laser therapy help your nose?

The most important feature of this nasal therapy device is its low level of dual wavelength radiation. When warmed, it increases blood flow and cell function in the nose, relieving nasal discomfort and alleviating other allergy symptoms.

And because the laser is of low intensity, it does not damage or cause pain to the skin tissue. It transmits light only to the superficial skin tissue and generates heat. It also reduces inflammation and relieves discomfort.

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Why use heat therapy to improve symptoms?

Medico also uses thermotherapy thanks to 2 small integrated radiators. Like the irradiator, they warm your nasal cavity and promote circulation.

The company claims this allows the blood to deliver more oxygen and essential nutrients. Meanwhile, increased blood flow helps drain nasal mucus.

How do you use Medicoco?

You’ve probably tried every over-the-counter remedy for allergy symptoms, from nasal rinses to sprays. Unlike these uncomfortable treatments, Medico is painless and only takes 3 steps.

First, stretch it over your face like a mask and adjust the band to fit your head. Then switch it on and select your preferred temperature setting from 40°C to 43°C.

Then breathe normally with the device on your face for 3 minutes. That’s it. After 3 minutes, the company says you can breathe more clearly for the rest of the day.

Where can you use this allergy relief device?

The beauty of this nasal therapy device is that it is portable. So you can use it almost anywhere and anytime. Sure, the sessions only take 3 minutes, but that’s time you could spend doing housework, checking email, or going to the grocery store.

This feature is also useful for children. It allows them to play, study, watch TV or even get in the car while relieving nasal congestion.

Is this nasal therapy device comfortable to hold?

You bet it is. According to the company, it does not need to be filled with liquid or cleaned. So there’s no boring regimen to commit to.

Its adjustable strap then attaches to your head and doesn’t move, allowing you to stay active while the Medico works.

Also, weighing only 21 grams and 8 cm long, the device is small and light. So you can take it anywhere, like your car or your work desk from anywhere.

Does Medico save money?

That’s another yes. Since Medico has a USB-C rechargeable battery, you won’t have to waste money changing batteries all the time.

Rechargeable batteries also allow you to use the product more. Because how many times have you stopped using a product because the batteries ran out and you didn’t feel like buying new ones?

Who can wear this nasal therapy device?

Anyone can wear Medico. It is intended for adults and children; simply adjust the band to fit the user’s face. It is made from flexible materials that rival natural rubber.

Should You Buy This LED Therapy Device?

If you or a loved one suffers from allergic rhinitis, Medico is an excellent choice. Using LED and heat therapy, it drains nasal mucus and relieves inflammation, helping you breathe more clearly. The best part is that it is easy and convenient to use.

Take it to relieve your symptoms and feel comfortable throughout the day.

Pre-order the Medico LED Nasal Therapy Device for $99 on Indiegogo. What health gadgets do you use and love? Inform us!

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