Meet the 10 new members of the Abramark Hall of Fame

Felipe Silva (Ghana), Gabriela Comazzetto (TikTok), Gustavo Giglio (Omelette Company) are among the names.

Abramarc (Brazilian Marketing Academy) selected ten more names for its Hall of Fame. They are entrepreneurs and professionals who, through their actions and examples, contribute to building and strengthening quality marketing.

Selected: Ana Paula Castelo Branco (TIM), Andrea Schwartz (equal inclusion and diversity), Fabio Nahum (Claro), Felipe Silva (Ghana), Gabriela Comazzetto (TikTok), Gustavo Bastos (11:21), Gustavo Giglio. (Omelete Company), Ilca Sierra (VIA), Marcelo Suarez (BRF) and Tyce Hugg (Unilever).

Selection to join the Hall of Fame is done in stages. First, there is the nomination stage, when academics and hall of famers nominate those they believe deserve recognition.

Nominations are nominal, followed by a mini-biography and reasons justifying them. After that, the names with the most nominations are presented to the full Academy session for a consultation to determine if anyone is performing in the opposite way, and if so, why. After that, individual interviews are conducted with each candidate.

(Credit: Merakist on Unsplash)

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