Mega-Sena accumulates and the price reaches R $ 43 million; check the drawn numbers

The corner had 50 winners and each will receive Rs 54,371.58

Marcelo Camargo / Agencia BrasilMega-Seine
Mega-Sena gathers once again and will give the biggest prize on Saturday

Competition 2496 i Mega Sena, held this Thursday, 30, night in Espaço Loterias da Caixa in São Paulo, there were not six dozen hits. The numbers drawn were: 07 – 26 – 31 – 38 – 46 – 58. The next bidding, on Saturday, 2, has to pay a prize of R $ 43 million. The corner had 50 winners and each will receive Rs 54,371.58. 3,505 players on the field will receive an individual prize of Rs 1,108.04. Bets can be placed until 19:00 (Brazil time) on the day of the draw, at any lottery in the country or online, at Federal Savings Bank. The single bet, with six tens, costs $ 4.50. The draw takes place at 20:00, in Espaço Loterias Caixa, at the Tietê bus terminal in São Paulo.

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