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Written by Henrique on July 18, 2022 at 8:19 pm | Updated July 18, 2022 at 8:22 p.m

Brazil – Melody and Anitta are fighting again! This time, after Anitta’s comment in which she accused Melody of a lack of professionalism, there was a reaction at the moment when the 15-year-old girl condemned the singer’s lack of engagement.

In these seven years, Anitta and Melody experienced ups and downs, meetings and disagreements, fake collaborations, agency promises, and even fights over cars.

It all started because, suppressed by Melody’s engagement, Anitta wrote on Twitter that one of the songs that Melody released was actually inspired by an Ariana Grande song. “I know the composers of your music [Melody] hit top 1, mana,” the artist began, not tagging the teenager.

“I don’t think you know them, because in this case the music is written by Ariana Grande, right. But don’t worry, I didn’t show it to them, otherwise… Now sing falsetto singing Lula’s name with only the toys that are there for us, and then you will become news,” concluded the singer.

Melody hits on Anita

Melody objected to the fact that Anitta was trying to associate her name with politics. “Putting my career in a political fight is a lack of subject matter. You’re nervous because it’s hard to get to the top organically, right? Those with mouths say what they want, but my talent is greater than all that. She is an ugly lady of almost 40 years [Anitta acabou de fazer 29 anos] put a 15-year-old teenager in a political debate to engage,” the artist said on the networks.

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