Memory pause in Chrome? The Arm Eater will reveal his secret

A RAM problem in Chrome will soon let you see yourself directly

Since Google is working on improving the performance of its browser, the company decided to follow in the footsteps of, among others, Microsoft Edge and add an option to Chrome that will allow you to see how much RAM the browser uses and how this amount affects battery life. However, the company has changed the idea for Edge, because instead of precisely undefined values, Chrome will show the exact amount of RAM allocated to each card.

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We can access this through the “Memory Saver” feature, which in Chrome will get a special button in the toolbar. When you click on it, a small window will appear with the actual memory consumption measurements and a link to the performance settings. Users of Chrome Canary, the developer version of Chrome that lets you, for example, enable or disable memory saving and add specific pages to the exclusion list, can try more news.

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It’s a small step to stop Chrome from being considered the biggest RAM hog, but a big step to make people realize how resource hungry individual tabs and browsers are. Although PC owners with a significant amount of RAM are not affected, people with laptops experience a drop in performance and battery life due to the browser dimming even in the background.

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