Mercado Livre honors the ‘father of life’ with Chay Suede

The campaign created by GUT SP expands the concept of fatherhood

“If I’m an artist, if I’m living what I love, you taught me to love it all,” Chey Sude said, looking at her father, Robertcha. Then the actor’s speech turns to Uncle Hudson. “I could count on you. I want to thank you very much for that. Happy Father’s Day to you as well,” she ends by saying excitedly.

An emotional tone permeates the entire campaign film, which aims to invite consumers to imagine not only the parents who gave or raised them, but also the parents whose lives gave them.

Tice Souza Nicolau, director of branding at Mercado Livre, says that Meli wants to connect the modernity of the brand with themes that are very relatable to the public. “This year, we are betting on this campaign of emotional connection with our consumers, inviting them to go further and honor these other figures in their lives, because we understand that the idea of ​​fatherhood goes beyond kinship ties and can extend to other areas.” , stated.

The campaign, created by GUT São Paulo, an independent global agency, includes open TV and digital, as well as influencer marketing activities on Instagram and Tiktok.

Increase in average ticket
According to a survey by Mercado Ads, Mercado Livre’s advertising business unit, shoes are the most requested dating gifts on the platform, generating more than 1,500 searches per minute.

The survey, which includes Mercado Livre property data, also shows that camping supplies are on the rise; “thermos” is the most searched term and “stanley cup” is the fastest growing term of the day. Among beverages, the products with the highest year-over-year revenue growth were whiskey (+51%) and beer (+40%).

The survey also shows that consoles and video games show a 25.7% increase in sales compared to 2021, and a 13% increase in the average consumer ticket.


Data sheet

Agency. GUT Sao Paulo
Advertiser: Ebazar
Product: Free market
Calling: Father of life
Duration: 1×30″, 1×15″, 2×6″ and TVA
Area: National
ECD: Bruno Bruce and Murillo Melo
Creative DirectorsThiago Abreu and Rafa Borges
Creation. Arthur Melo, Arianna De Gennaro, Will Santos, Kieran Moroni, Thiago Alves, Philippe Longuini and Tamara Pinheiro
Direct managementa. Valeria Barone
Head of account Alessandra Vicinte
Regional Account Director. Natalia Noya
Account Director: Rafaela Gulen
Account managerIsadora Guz
Head of strategy. Amanda Agostini
Strategy DirectorMercedes Barroso
Strategy Manager. Bruno Facundez
Strategist: Barbara Reiss
Head of Content: Patricia Moura
Social strategy. Bruce Vitale, Isabella Ribeiro
Impact management. Joao Pedro Branco
Head of mass media. Douglas Silveira
Media manager. Laura Cardeal and Paola Bastos
Head of mass media. Kayo Melo
Media coordinator. Aline Lopez
Head of Operations. Marianne Goebel
Head of production. Julia Ramos
Production managerTyus Schroeder
Senior producer. Lucian Nuvolara

Image Production: Santeria
Direction: Raphael Demi
Creative director. Felipe Lucci
Director of New Business. Emerson Souza
Executive Business Director. Roger Garcia
Executive production. Roger Garcia
Director of the service. Patty Silveira
Attendance. Isabela Ximenez, Helen Gazeta
Production system. Ana Paula Dominguez
1st assistant director. Pedro Sokol
2nd assistant director. Evelyn Garcia
Direction of production. Antonio Manuel Gomez
Manufacturers: Juliana Alves Noronha
Photography direction. Guillermo Museum
Production in roles. Denis Carvalho Alves
Suits. Silvana Moura de Abreu
In the post-production system. Mario Ubirajara and Raphael Chope
Coordination support. Julia Sprenger
Editing/Compilation. Raphael Demi and Gennaro Fattori
Finishing. Ray Caldas
Color classification. Bleach Color Grading

Audio production. Audio Boutique
Music director. Lorenzo Rolo Jr
Finisher. Marcio Ribeiro
System. Milena Lopez
Attendance. Luciana Albuquerque

Pictures: Pedro Dimitrov
Photographer. Pedro Dimitrov
1. Assistant. Humberto Felga
Electric: Denison Sabino
System. Adriana Rocha
Attendance. Arnoldi lived

Illustration and image processing. BOREAL STUDIO
Agency. with two
Actor: Tea velvet
beauty Robert Estevao
Suits. Thiago Biagi

customer confirmationLouise McKerrow, Tice Souza Nicolau, Natalia Cavalcante Teixeira, Laura Cremonese Balzano

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