Mercado Pago becomes the official digital bank for GTA Role Play

In addition to being one of the most engaged audiences, gamers are increasingly investing in games, from cryptocurrencies to digital real estate. In order to create authentic experiences and show that with a bank in hand it is easier and more fun to develop in the game, Mercado Pago reached the metaverse and launched, based on the campaign of GUT São Paulo and UM Worldwide, an official store in Inverso , the server for the game ​​GTA Role Play.

Mercado Pago is the first bank to enter the Inverso server, as the only means of payment and transactions in the game. Inside the server is an exclusive branded showroom, where players can download the app for real-life use. GUT São Paulo and UM Worldwide developed, in partnership with JNTO, the overall brand launch strategy in collaboration with players and influencers. Sofia Calvit and Juliana Utsch, creative directors at GUT, responsible for branding and personalization within the server, say:

“One of the biggest advantages of a digital bank is that Mercado Pago is where the customers are: in this case, within the GTA. By connecting players with our sellers in the metaverse, Mercado Pago is even more present in people’s lives, now in the moment of entertainment and in a light and modern way.”

In order to arrive with everything in one of the most popular games in the world, Mercado Pago accepted a special mission, where the metaverse and reality meet: the character prepares for a meeting and goes to the brand’s showroom to get everything he needs for the mission: new clothes, shaving, washing the car, buying gifts: all within a predetermined time limit. In addition to creating an immersive and personalized experience, it puts into practice the benefits of having a bank in your hands, whether in the metaverse or in the physical world.

In Skin Commerce, for example, players will be able to customize their avatars with hairstyles, clothing styles, accessories and acting tools. That is, they will be able to “sharpen” their characters from the possibilities offered by the digital bank.

Branding Manager at Mercado Pago, Iuri Maia, says:

“We already have a close relationship with gamers and tech enthusiasts, as this is an audience that is already part of the Mercado Livre ecosystem. Our performance in GTA RP continues to build player perception of Mercado Pag as a digital bank.”

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