Messenger reconnects to Facebook

The instant messenger developed by Facebook is celebrating its 15th birthday this year. For most of its “life” it was an application separate from the social network application. However, it’s about time Messenger went back to its old place.

It started with the Facebook chat

The history of the Messenger (now Meta Platforms) developed by Facebook dates back to March 2008, when the function began to be tested, at that time the name Facebook Chat was still used. A month later, the content was made available to other users. In 2011 the name of the application changed to the well-known Messenger. After another three years on the market, there was a split of sorts.


As of April 2014, Messenger was no longer an integral part of the social platform and a separate application was required to operate on smartphones. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, justified the decision by creating a “better experience” for users. Fast forward almost 9 years and it turns out now “better experience” means reintegration. We learned that from the official post by Tom Alisson, the CEO responsible for Facebook.

The Return of the Messenger

The allusion that the messenger app and social platform will be integrated again is not new. In April 2022, in messages within Meta, Alison presented a plan that included connecting the platform to Messenger. Matt Navara, Social Media Consultant, published December 2022 Test proof of features by Meta proving Messenger’s connection to Facebook.

The reason for reintegration is quite simple – it’s about competition. Meta wants to better compete with TikTok, which offers an integrated messenger in the application. Combining Facebook with Messenger can be a solution that will prove beneficial to the business in the long run. After all, the platform is used by over 2 billion users every day, and among them, very few will decide to abandon the messenger just because it has become part of the social platform application again.

We will see how the new Facebook application with integrated Messenger will work in the coming months.

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