Messingstrasse in Schwerte is still closedEnglish 

Messingstrasse in Schwerte is still closed

As a surprise, Messingstrasse would open to local traffic as early as Friday (June 3rd). However, the city has now withdrawn this report with a brief notice.

At this point, traffic will take place in one lane from 3 June, in and out of Messingstrasse. © Stadt Schwerte / Ingo Rous

The bronze road to Bergische Strasse should be reopened to local traffic earlier than expected, the city announced on Wednesday (June 1st). At this point, traffic should – contrary to what was originally announced – already operate in a lane from 3 June (Friday) on and off Messingstrasse.

The Brass road will again be accessible to the normal road from the Bergische road, the city said on Wednesday. However, that approval was revoked with a brief announcement Thursday (June 2nd).

Unpredictable difficulties intervened

The reason for withdrawing the announcement of the reopening of Messingstrasse on Bergische Strasse on Friday was the unforeseen difficulties in the bridge bearing bearings on the railway track in Kirschbaumsweg, which has now been dismantled.

These were revealed only on Wednesday. This is now forcing the city to temporarily hold the closure until June 10th. Traffic inside and outside the residential area thus continues to flow through the Ostberger Strasse, controlled by traffic lights. Pedestrians and cyclists should leave the area via the Am Spiekebrauck road.

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