Meta Quest 2’s latest update boosts the GPU

Meta’s Quest 2 glasses have unexpectedly received a significant upgrade. The update just released significantly improves GPU performance.

Meta Quest 2 upgrade

The Meta Quest 2 is probably Mark Zuckerberg’s most popular virtual reality headset right now. The Meta Quest Pro model, presented at Meta Connect 2022, appeared already in October, but it is a device for a more demanding recipient. Next year, the consumer Meta Quest 3 is due to launch, but for now it’s the “two” that’s leading the way.

The latest update has extended its lifespan even further, as now with the update the pool will become faster thanks to performance improvements. The target has increased the maximum clock frequency from 490MHZ to 525MHzdue to which the effectiveness of the glasses will increase up to 7%.

How to speed up Quest 2?

“No integration or coding is required to take advantage of this update – the dynamic timing system will automatically increase the frequency when it detects that your device can benefit from it.” – we read on Meta’s blog. operating glasses v47, Goggles need to be briefly put to sleep for extra speed. Either by double-pressing the power button or by removing and putting the glasses back on the head. Starting with the system version v49, additional processing power will be available immediately and will not require any additional steps once the handset is up and running.

Moreover, if your Quest 2 has the feature enabled dynamic foveation in the settings, the GPU will raise the operating clock from 490 to 525 MHz to maintain high image quality, instead of reducing foveation (which reduces image detail depending on what you’re looking at). The result should be an overall better image quality.

Source: engadget

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