Microsoft Edge and Bing with ChatGPT

Imagine this – you have half an hour before the exam and a publication of several hundred pages in which you need to find the most important information. Microsoft’s new technology won’t make that a problem.

Microsoft Edge and Bing with chatbot (ChatGPT)

This is one of the most important news in recent days. After the announcement of pumping billions of dollars into OpenAI Microsoft has officially announced the integration of the ChatGPT service with its products: Bing search engine and Edge browser. Thanks to this, both of them will be able to answer our (even very complex) questions in a natural way.

Bing AMA

This means that in a few moments, Bing will give us answers to questions that we would otherwise have to search for in dozens of related articles. And not only that: we can ask a question in natural language and we will get an answer in the same form.

It doesn’t end there, because Edge, in which we will open a publication or a PDF file, will offer us … a summary of the most important information from the entire text or about a specific topic that appears in it with graphic marks.

Edge preview

And it’s still not over, because the next function is the “wizard”. Microsoft and OpenAI chatbot will prepare a draft text on a given topic (in a certain tone, format, etc. Of course, it will have to be reviewed and modified, but the tool will do the main part of the work for us.

assemble the edge

This is a change for students… but not only for them. All tasks related to research will become much easier and faster. Unless, of course, everything will work as it should, because for now we are talking about experimental features that I can schedule. However, it is hard not to notice the potential of this solution.

Microsoft’s chatbot can do much more

Moreover, this is just the beginning of a long list of features offered by the chatbot. It will also help you plan your trip (presenting the most important attractions and dividing them into the following days), finding a culinary recipe or training program for us and selecting news based on given guidelines (for example: “what happened in the center of Poznań” in the last hour ?”).

bing draft

It should be emphasized here that Microsoft has decided to integrate a newer version of GPT technology than the one we know from the free ChatGPT tool. Its information base is wider and much more up-to-date.

A natural conversation with the search engine and a concrete answer instead of links to search for it yourself – this is undoubtedly a revolutionary vision. No wonder Microsoft is trying to implement this change as soon as possible – this is its chance to fight Google. However, the rival is not resting and is also starting to test its chatbot called Bard. You will learn more about it in the related news.

Source: Microsoft, The Verge, Tech Crunch, ZDNet

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