Microsoft goes back to the 21st century. You can now buy Windows 11 online

Click, click, payment card number – and this program or app already belongs to the customer, they can be used immediately. Until recently, you couldn’t buy Windows 11 this way, you had to order the system on physical media. That is what changes. How to buy a digital license for Windows 11? We advise.

In the old days of my youth, operating systems were purchased. The so called folders, i.e. computers only assembled in the store from the components available in the offer. You can also buy a Windows CD and install the system. Today it is completely different. The IT industry is mature and the computers are already supplied with the operating software – and are ready to go immediately when you switch them on. Well, the initial configuration doesn’t count.

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However, there is still a need to purchase the system itself, even if it is incomparably smaller. Enthusiasts continue to assemble their computers. Others may want to move from an older version of Windows or from Linux or another operating system to Windows 11. Until now, you could buy this system on one medium: a USB flash drive or an optical disc. Microsoft has finally launched the sale of digital licenses from today. You can buy Windows 11 online and have a system right away without leaving your home. What modernity! But, sarcasm aside: how do you do it?

Windows 11 – how do I buy online?

Both consumer versions of Windows 11 are available for purchase:

  • Windows 11 Home for PLN 630.
  • Windows 11 Pro for PLN 1100.

After clicking on one of the links above, the Microsoft Store application will ask you to sign in or create a Microsoft account in a pop-up window. Unfortunately it should be done, it’s free. It will be necessary to complete the transaction.

How do I download Windows 11? Via the Microsoft Store

After signing in to your Microsoft account and visiting one of the links above – for Home or Pro, depending on your needs – add the product to your shopping cart, as in any other store.

Purchase of Windows 11 Download Edition

In the shopping cart, the user will see an overview of their purchases. Just click Complete your purchase. At this point, the Microsoft Store application will force you to sign in to your Microsoft account.

Windows 11 Download – card number or PayPal

The penultimate step is to specify the payment method. Microsoft Store supports credit card, debit card and PayPal payments.

And it’s over. The license and key as well as a link to download the system will be sent to the email address associated with the Microsoft account. Everything works as it should. It’s a shame this article falls into that category Newsdoes not Self studies. It’s 2022, it’s strange you couldn’t buy Windows 11 like this before.

Microsoft goes back to the 21st century. You can now buy Windows 11 online

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