Microsoft showed off an Xbox pad in Velocity Green

If you’re lacking color in the living room or playroom, Microsoft’s latest proposal will certainly remedy those issues. A new Xbox pad in a very… expressive color is on sale.

Although many of us use the Xbox controller in the basic colors: black and white, Microsoft also offers a set of very expressive colors. We will have this controller in blue, red, pink and yellow-green colors.


Now this set has been completed with another distinctive color. It’s Velocity Green – a very bright green, which will certainly stand out from your Microsoft console.

This is another eye-catching color in the Microsoft palette

Interestingly, the pad debuts on the market accompanied by a special docking station with Razer’s fast charging function. Its price, however, is a bit surprising – it amounts to 59.99 EUR, or about 280 PLN.


However, this is not the end of the accessories – Microsoft has prepared a special edition of the hoodie, in similar colors. Price? Not much, because 291 zlotys.

The amount we have to spend on a sweatshirt is even more surprising because the official price in the new color version is 289 PLN. The new version of the pad can already be purchased from the official Microsoft store.

source: Microsoft

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