Microsoft Teams brings a new type of meeting: virtual meetings

Companies like Microsoft, Zoom, and Google are still putting more functionality into their video chat platforms. Case and point, Microsoft Teams has a new type of meeting called Virtual Meetings. This will help businesses communicate directly with their customers.

Although the coronavirus pandemic has subsided since 2020, companies are still forced to work remotely. This means that most meetings are still held via video chat meetings. This is a reality that many companies have to face, so it’s good that these companies are putting so much effort into improving their video chat platforms.

Microsoft Teams presents virtual meetings

A bit of a minor update to the platform, but a welcome one. This change makes the platform easier to use for businesses that want to get in touch with their customers directly. These are called virtual meetings. There are significant changes between a virtual meeting invitation and a regular meeting invitation.

When a person receives an invitation to a virtual appointment, they receive valuable information about the appointment. Additionally, guests will be able to join from any device, regardless of whether they have the Microsoft Teams app installed or not. Last but not least, after joining the meeting you will be placed in a virtual waiting room where you will wait for the company to find you.

This feature is not yet available to users. However, it is scheduled to be released soon.

In other Microsoft news: Someone has put Windows 11 on the Surface Duo 2

A Twitter user named Gustav Monce posted a tweet showing a full desktop version of Windows 11 running on the Microsoft Surface Duo 2. This is the company’s foldable phone that runs Android natively.

The Snapdragon 888 device displays the Windows 11 desktop only on the left screen. The user said it still has a lot of work to do, so it might be fully functional. Only time will tell.

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