+MILLIONAIRE stacks up again and the prize reaches R$25 million

Caixa Econômica Federal held its 34th competition this Saturday (14). + Millionaire. In particular, the new lottery can pay 24 million BRL for all drawn tens and clubs. However, no one made it out of the competition and the top prize was raised even higher for the next competition.

In one word, Caixa can pay 25 million rials who will match the six numbers and two shamrocks drawn in the next competition on Saturday (21). By the way, +Milionária has weekly draws, only on Saturdays, that is, those who wish have a week to place bets.

See below what were the tens and shamrocks drawn in today’s contest.

  • Dozens. 03 – 06 – 08 – 36 – 49 – 50
  • clovers. 1-6:

In addition to the fact that the main prize was not drawn, no game was included in the second prize range either. Only the third prize pool had a winning bet that earned BRL 219,500 by matching five numbers and two drawn shamrocks.

Check out the prize ranges for the 34th +Milionária contest below:

  • 6 dozens + 2 shamrocks. no bets;
  • 6 dozen + 1 or without clover. no bets;
  • 5 dozen + 2 shamrocks. 1 bet succeeded and won BRL 219,556.12;
  • 5 dozen + 1 or without clover. 17 bets were successful and won 5740.03 BRL each;
  • 4 dozen + 2 shamrocks. 56 bets were successful and won 1866.97 BRL each;
  • 4 dozen + 1 or without clover. 960 bets succeeded and won 108.90 BRL each;
  • 3 dozens + 2 shamrocks. 1152 bets were successful and won 50.00 BRL each;
  • 3 dozen + 1 or without clover. 9177 bets were successful and won 24.00 BRL each;
  • 2 dozens + 2 shamrocks. 9954 bets were successful and won 12.00 BRL each;
  • 2 dozen + 1 or without clover. 70,346 bets were successful and won 6.00 BRL each.

According to Caixa Econômica, this Saturday’s +Millionaire contest raised BRL 6.2 million.

One bet costs BRL 6.00

+Millionaire One bet costs BRL 6. However, a player may place a combination or multiple bet, in which the price of a single game will be multiplied by its unit price. This means that the more numbers selected, the more expensive the bet will be.

As a result, the bettor must select six numbers and two shamrocks. There are 50 dozens to choose from, 1 to 50, and six clovers, 1 to 6.

In particular, the simple bet gives a chance to reach over 238 million. By comparison, Mega-Sena’s chance of hitting a single bet is more than one in 50 million, meaning the odds of hitting a +Millionaire are almost five times higher than Mega-Sena’s.

To bet on the lottery, a person only needs to go to the Caixa Econômica lottery house. However, if one prefers to play without leaving home, simply download and log in to the Caixa lottery app.

Those who choose to play online must be over 18 years of age as determined by Caixa Econômica. In short, the player has to register himself in the bank application by filling in the credit card number with which he will pay for the completed game.

By the way, The minimum online bet amount is R$30, that is, the bettor will not be able to complete his game if the value does not reach this mark. Therefore, bettors must make several single +Milionária or combined or multiple bets to reach the minimum amount determined by the Caixa Econômica.

There is another way to get to R$30, but it involves other methods. In short, players who prefer to diversify their games can bet on other sports such as Mega-Sena and Lotofácil. That way, the person will be able to reach the minimum amount and place their bets without leaving the house.

See how the +Millionaire Award works

+Millionaire awards ten hit tracks. The +Milionária gross prize corresponds to 43.35% of the amount collected in the lottery. From this percentage, Caixa Econômica deducts 5% “for the creation of reserve guarantee premiums”. So the remaining amount will pay for 7 out of 10 zones that have fixed amounts.

  • Group 10 – 2 dozens and 1 or 0 clovers: R$ 6;
  • 9th track – 2 dozens and 2 clovers – 12 rubles.
  • Group 8 – 3 dozen and 1 or 0 Clover: R$24;
  • 7th group – 3 dozen and 2 clovers – 50 rubles.

Next, +Milionária pays out the first six brackets, with amounts varying depending on the amount collected and the number of bettors who matched the tens and clubs drawn. The composition is as follows:

  • 1st group – 6 tens and 2 trafiles – 62% of the remaining amount;
  • 2nd group – 6 tens and 1 or 0 clovers – 10% of the remaining amount;
  • 3rd group – 5 dozens and 2 clovers – 8% of the remaining amount;
  • 4th group – 5 tens and 1 or 0 clubs – 8% of the remaining amount;
  • 5th group – 4 tens and 2 trafiles – 6% of the remaining amount;
  • Group 6 – 4 tens and 1 or 0 clubs – 6% of the remaining amount.

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