Mini world code – 2022

Code Mini World not only has a map code that helps players access the desired type of land, but also allows the player to receive the desired rewards from Mini World. Below is a list of Mini World Create codes and how to enter the codes.

Code Mini World to get a skin, code Mini World Create to get a skin

This is a code you can enter to get rewards such as skins, character costumes, or other consumables in Mini World. Here is the latest Mini World codes list for you.

Note that there will be a code that will reach the entry limit in one day, so if you enter the code and see that the message expires today, please enter it tomorrow.

CodedEffectOQ659e8810296664f7b733Still validatedWGc3858e1030537dba933eStill validatedOO1d939e10296912972417Still validatedZX4b0b54102981bda2f1d4Still validatedGV3b778d102969d23ee4a1Encore

How to enter an unlimited Mini World code to receive skins and costumes

Step 1: To enter the Mini World code first, enter the game, directly in the main interface of the game, select the gift box icon near the mail icon as shown below.

2nd step: Enter one of the Mini World codes above in the box and select Activate below to redeem the code for a reward.

global mini code

If the code is still valid, you will see the gift appear with the quantity and duration of the gift. Hurry OKAY To receive presents.

If there is an announcement “I can’t accept this kind of gift today, come tomorrow” as shown below, please wait until tomorrow and try the code again.

latest mini world creation code

And if there is an announcement “I can no longer accept this gift” then you have received the gift of this code.

latest mini world creation code

With the message Activation code has expired, cannot receive as shown below means that the code has expired to be used.

last mini world code

Check the gift received from the Mini World code

Step 1: To check the gift received from the Mini World gift code, select the Shop icon next to the Gift box icon.

global mini code

2nd step: Then select the Warehouse section at the bottom and you will see the gifts you have received using the gift code. If the gift is beans or gold, it will be added directly to the amount of currency you have.

global mini code

Mini World Code Map

Unlike the Gift Code, the Mini World Card Code is also known as the Mini World Field Code. It’s a way to create your own world and stand on specific ground. For example, if you like standing in the desert or snow, you can use this terrain code in Mini World to create that terrain.

Unlike the Mini World Royale map, which has only one specific terrain type, the Mini World Block Art map is very large and has many different terrain types. Here are land codes in Mini World Royale and how to enter map code in Mini World Block Art.

Please note that for some terrain codes, after entering the code, fly a little higher and you will immediately see the terrain you need to find.

  • Bamboo Forest – Cherry Blossom: 384ALJIZFQE21HS
  • Sea – Red Forest – Desert: 000
  • Desert – Redwood Forest – Mountains: 1986
  • Pinewood – Sea: OOPSBANANE
  • Peach forest – Basin – Bamboo plantation: JDEHSFOYQXC, WORCBOSTEDOEBUIZ
  • Black-smith: M4CCBPFX
  • Hardcore Island: -ttgm
  • Hell: 48VVSH1K8
  • Red ground: NHC63IA0T, PTTT7H0JQ
  • Different landscape: 8KDNGQ8CCPZ9B8D
  • Raptor Dinosaur: XW4C295G7UYX57LR
  • Snow Ice: Z63UF7ZIMIC
  • Wash: 7LJZO41AAI1IS
  • Insight: 1986-1444744340-94779093
  • Half ice, half blue: GT4QB87GITXCVNNW
  • Sea-Plain: OWDRU9KND

code for mini world image

Ways to enter the Mini World field code

Step 1: To enter the Mini World lot code, select Create New World.

code for mini world image

2nd step: If you want to add a terrain code in dev mode, just select the dev mode tab and enable the Terrain Code button. Enter one of the topographic codes above and select Start.

code for mini world image

As for the normal mode, you can choose between Adventure or Creative mode. Then click on the options icon in the upper right corner of this mode.

code for mini world image

Activate the Terrain Codes button and enter one of the above terrain codes and select Start, just like in Dev Mode.

code for mini world image

Then when you enter the game, if you don’t see the land you are entering the code for, you can go around to search for that land.

code for mini world image

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