Minister issues IMPORTANT warning to workers

Oh FGTS birthday withdrawal created Bolsonaro’s governmentduring an epidemic to help workers during an economic crisis.

In that sense, Minister of Labour, Luis Marinhosaid that he will present to the National Congress the possibilities of changing the law exempting this payment.

Oh FGTS birthday withdrawal it is an optional method that allows the employee to withdraw part of the amount in the fund annually in the month corresponding to his birthday.

However, by adhering to the withdrawal, the employee can no longer withdraw the full amount of FGTS in the event of redundancy.

“I cannot say exactly what it will be, because I would replace the parliament. We will offer opportunities, alternatives. It is an established law, and we are going to offer the parliament the possibility of a drastic change in relation to it, even the possibility of putting it to the end, but it depends on the Congress,” he said. Marine at lunch with businessmen and congressmen.

LULA is exploring the completion of the FGTS measure for workers. Credit: revelation

Even during lunch that Minister of Labour announced that it had received several complaints from employees.

According to him, the main thing is that after joining the anniversary withdrawal, they were no longer able to repay the money. After dismissal from FGTS.

How to Expect FGTS Birthday Withdrawal?

Oh Digio digital bank launched a campaign to anticipate the anniversary withdrawal of the Fund for Compensation Payments (FGTS).

In this way, Digio expects to withdraw FGTS from the date of birth, which is equivalent to the loan. As a result, workers can apply for a loan at any time, rather than waiting for their birthday to apply.

All users who are eligible for birthday withdrawal and are Digio account holders will receive credits, even if they are negative.

In the form of a loan, users over 18 years of age and with an available balance of at least R$400 in FGTS can receive a loan and have the amount credited to their account within one business day of confirming the request.

It should be noted that since it is an advance payment in the form of a loan, the monthly interest rate of the digital bank reaches 1.99%, where the loan repayments are annually and automatically charged to the FGTS account.

Birthday cash payment in March

Brazilian laborers born Marchcan now join the FGTS (Self-Service Guarantee Fund) anniversary draw from 1st of this month.

In this way, the employee must join the modality by the end of the month, through which it is possible to withdraw a part of the balance in the fund.

This method of withdrawing FGTS can be very beneficial if the employee is experiencing some economic difficulties and needs additional money in the account.

However, when withdrawing from the date of birth, the person cannot withdraw the entire amount from the fund in case of resignation. Therefore, it is important to be careful.

Despite this, the employee is still entitled to a fine for dismissal without just cause, which is 40% of the amount deposited by the employer.

More is also possible Withdrawal of FGTS for retirementfor buying a house or in cases of serious illness.

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