MIUI 14 will make you fall in love with your Xiaomi phone all over again

One of the main news of MIUI 14 will apply to all updated Xiaomi phones. This is excellent news. If your Xiaomi smartphone is annoying you in this one respect, it will soon stop.

We’re already at the premiere MIUI14. In fact, some users can already test the new Xiaomi overlay, including in Poland, albeit through an unofficial channel.

One of the most important news in MIUI 14 is Photon Engine. I’ll tell you exactly what it is in a moment. Now let’s focus on…

MIUI 14 Photon Engine will be available for all updated smartphones

As most of you probably know, MIUI is divided into Chinese, Global and Europe. Currently we only know the first version of this software, basically the most complete one that includes all the important news.

A lot of these things bypass other types of MIUI. Normally that’s not a problem because in most cases they focus on Chinese solutions that a Pole, German, Indian or American doesn’t care at all.

However, Photon Engine is an idea that should interest every Xiaomi user. Fortunately, the manufacturer has confirmed this It applies to all phones updated to MIUI 14.

Now it’s time to explain. The Photon Engine in MIUI 14 is a new engine specially designed for you via third-party apps. thanks to him they should be further optimizedand therefore Works better on Xiaomi phones.

Xiaomi claims that thanks to this we install the programs from the Google Play Store can run up to 88% smootherand beyond their energy hunger is said to drop by 16%..

So if you think that applications on your Xiaomi smartphone are somehow slow and consume way too much power, then then then Wait for the update to MIUI 14. Something is about to change in this regard.

If you don’t have a Xiaomi phone yet and want to change it, the following action should interest you:

He shot like a commander from a grenade launcher: here’s a new black horse among phones up to PLN 1,000!

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