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MLB DJz sets world record with 75 hours of amapiano

MLS DJz, made up of twin brothers Banele and Bandile Mbere, took the world by storm with their amapiano Balcony Mixes.This Baquala The producers hope to put their name in the history books with a 75-hour show that will mark the longest duo DJ show in history.

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Major League DJZ’s Balcony Mix

MLS DJz launched their signature amapiano balcony mix in January 2020, two months after South Africa went into lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through the national lockdown, the bros made us dance, and once it was safe, the balcony mix became a blast. Kabza De Small, DBN Gogo, Mr JazziQ, De Mthuda, Kelvin Momo and DJ Maphorisa have all performed guest DJ mixes on Balcony Mix.

Balcony Mix also travels to several countries, including Ghana, Nigeria, the UK, Mexico and the US.

Major League DJZ Eye World Record

Major League DJz is hoping to set a world record for longest duo DJ in history. The world record attempt will take place in Johannesburg from September 2 to 4.

“We couldn’t find a better way to achieve our brand goal of ‘nourishing the culture’ and to celebrate the whirlwind we’ve experienced over the past year that has pushed amapiano out into the world and kicked all doors.” We found closed and open , so the world can now dance to the continent’s biggest voice and see all the talent South Africa has,” the brothers said in a statement sent to SlikourOnLife.

“We see this show as a celebration of what we have accomplished and we cannot celebrate this moment with some of our biggest supporters.”

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DJ SBU’s world record

In December 2020, Mzansi’s DJ Sbu set the Guinness World Record for longest broadcast on his online radio station Massiv Metro.

In June 2021, DJ Sbu announced his goal to set a world record for the highest altitude DJ on land.

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