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It seems T-Mobile (and their carriers) aren’t afraid of an influx of new customers lured by unlimited access to mobile internet, whether it’s via smartphone or home WiFi router, as it turns out that within the next week, the latest version may; can be had at a greatly reduced price, I appreciate.

Unlimited home mobile Internet appeared in T-Mobile’s offer in late summer 2021, and at the beginning of last year, mobile Internet without data limits joined the regular mobile offer. This move certainly had a huge impact on this carrier’s great numbers porting results for the entire year 2022 (more on that in this text).

Home mobile internet with no data limits on T-Mobile

Everything indicates that T-Mobile is following the flow and wants to improve this result again this year. Until February 14, as part of the mobile home internet offer, you can order online the highest package – home internet L without data limit, up to 90 Mb/s for PLN 70. The regular price of this package is 90 PLN per month.

There are no activation fees here, and if we don’t have a WiFi router at home, we can order immediately from 79 to 119 PLN.

It seems even better if you are already a T-Mobile customer, let’s say you have a mobile subscription for 50 PLN (now it costs 55 PLN), then you will pay only 50 PLN per month for the same package, which is 10 PLN: cheaper than triple the lower speed limit, down to 30Mbps.

In general, we will pay PLN 100 (new PLN 105) per month for mobile subscription and home mobile internet without data limit.

Home mobile internet with other operators


Reduction of the monthly fee for another service in Orange is available only when choosing a second mobile phone plan or Orange Love package. We will pay PLN 59.99 for a mobile subscription to choose home mobile internet (PLN 55 per month), with a monthly data limit of 500 GB.

Together, we will pay PLN 114.99 per month for a mobile plan and mobile internet with a limit of 500 GB.


The discount for another service in Play is PLN 10, so with a PLN 50 mobile subscription, mobile internet with a data limit of 500 GB costs PLN 65, and for 1000 GB it costs PLN 140 per month.

The total cost of a mobile subscription and mobile Internet will be PLN 115 for a limit of 500 GB and PLN 190 for a limit of 1000 GB.


Plus reduces the cost of the second smartDOM service by PLN 25, so with a monthly mobile subscription of PLN 55, we will pay PLN 75 for mobile Internet with a limit of 500 GB per month, and PLN 175 for 1000 GB. In both plans, we get access to Disney+ for the duration of the contract.

The monthly cost for a combined mobile subscription and mobile Internet will be PLN 130 for a 500 GB limit and PLN 230 for a 1000 GB limit.

So the promotion at T-Mobile is really strong, I suspect that this one week will significantly increase their base of new SIM cards in their customers’ mobile routers. I also hope that other operators will decide to provide unlimited mobile internet in their offers this year. as you can see it is possible and our mobile networks, which have been upgraded for several years now, should be able to handle it.
Source: T-Mobile.
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