Modern Warfare 2 condemns Xbox players to cross-play

PC and Xbox users are forced to & aogon; play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in cross-play. Interestingly, a similar problem does not appear on the PlayStation console.

& eogon; cross-platform play can be found on both PS4 and PS5. This function is not & sacute; however, Xbox owners, who were doomed to play & eogon; with mouse users and potential fraudsters. “I don’t want & eogon; competitive & cautious; with PC players. Where is the option to disable crossplay?” – asks one of the disappointed players.

For Xbox, players can & aogon; vi & lstrok; & aogon; or & cacute; cross game on & lstrok; asn & aogon; r & eogon; k & eogon;. To do this & cacute ;, see & cacute; in console settings enter & sacute; & cacute; in the & lstrok; adk & eogon; “Online safety and family“Then & eogon; then goes & sacute; & cacute; for “Private & sacute; & cacute; and online security” and “Private & sacute; & cacute; on the Xbox console“, Where we finally find mo & zdot; liwo & sacute; & cacute; blocking competition on multiple platforms.

It is worth remembering & eogon; ta & cacute ;, & aogon; ta & cacute ;, that in this way & lstrok; & aogon; play against each other in all titles, not just Modern Warfare 2. However, this is the only option that allows & aogon; ta & cacute; si & eogon; before the competition & aogon; with PC players. On the other hand, PCs currently do not have the ability to easily cross-play with console owners.

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