Modernize your IT services with Freshservice ITSM and reduce costs

IT Service Management (ITSM) is a key process that ensures the delivery of IT services related to hardware and software to internal or external users. Freshservice makes this ITSM process efficient and affordable.

Your company’s information technology (IT) strategy depends heavily on how you run, manage and deliver IT for your business needs. You need to ensure that the right people, processes and technologies are deployed for IT implementation.

This can seem overwhelming, especially for small, medium and start-up businesses. Therefore, you need dedicated business software to help an ITSM manager or team manage projects. Freshservice is one such application that you can rely on.

What is ITSM?

ITSM is a business process that oversees the delivery of IT as a service to the end consumer. Consumers can be your employees, business customers or end users. The process creates a blueprint that includes IT hardware, software, and how the IT representative must assist clients with IT implementation.

Ordering a Wi-Fi router for a company’s accounting department may be the simplest example of an ITSM process. The department manager will submit the request to the procurement team. The procurement team will forward the request to ITSM.

Now the ITSM director will study the configuration of the router, buy it as part of the order and configure it in accounting so that the team can use Wi-Fi.

Why do you need ITSM to manage your IT services?

You must establish an ITSM team if your company relies heavily on IT. Find out why you need ITSM below:

  • Make your IT team efficient and profitable by aligning with business goals and metrics
  • Gather your development team and IT team around the DevOps table
  • Have the IT team share their knowledge with the rest of the company
  • Continuously improve the IT implementation process in the company
  • Minimize the costs of purchasing IT equipment and software
  • Make IT procurement efficient with objective purchasing
  • Keep your IT team accountable for incoming ticketing and documentation tasks
  • Simplify your IT services team and make it customer-centric
  • Prevent major incidents that disable IT systems
  • IT technicians become adept at responding to major incidents

ITSM use cases

ITSM creates an organized and simplified system for providing IT services throughout the company, for both internal and external users. Find the main use cases below:

Systematic service requests

ITSM helps your company create a documented ticketing system for IT purchases, repairs, installations, etc. This way, the IT service facilitation team won’t miss a single service request. You can also measure the performance of your IT team.

Creating an IT knowledge base

The IT service management process also helps in developing and managing the knowledge base. IT customer service teams and internal employee services teams can use this knowledge base to help customers and employees.

Management of IT hardware and software

Being an IT company, you don’t just have to buy software and IT hardware. You also need to make sure that your organization is using them well and is profitable.

The ITSM team or manager will ensure proper monitoring of all machines and business applications. The team will also oversee the installation, upgrade, troubleshooting and monitoring of the use of such intangible and tangible business assets.

How Freshservice can help ITSM

ITSM is essential for modern businesses that use IT to generate profits. However, this does not mean that ITSM should be an expensive and time-consuming process. Freshservice ensures that your ITSM team or manager stays on top of every IT project and customer service request using a simple yet robust business application.

It has many functions that support the ITSM process. I’ll explain them to you in a moment. However, you should look at the following core ITSM activities that Freshservice handles immediately:

  • Freshservice helps build an AI-powered knowledge base. The knowledge base is updated with machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence. This way, you can focus on giving ITSM agents access to the knowledge base to quickly and accurately resolve customer queries.
  • AI Freshservice ITSM automatically assigns tickets to agents. Agents don’t have to waste time reviewing tasks according to their skills. AI does it for them.
  • Freshservice can help you create a simple and affordable change management process to update your company’s IT hardware and software in line with market dynamics.
  • AI Freshservice ITSM can distinguish an incident from a service request without human intervention. It scans the entire database of ITSM services for similar problems and learns from them. This way, the ITSM team can quickly determine whether they are responding to an incident or a simple service request.
  • ITSM Freshservice helps you create automated responses to customer inquiries and assign customers to active agents as needed.

What is Freshservice?

Freshservice is a web-based IT helpdesk and IT service management application that enables you to process IT operations requests faster and more cost-effectively. You can create a self-service IT problem-solving system, a ticketing system, and a knowledge base for frontline ITSM agents.

The cloud application also offers a mobile application for Android and iOS devices. In this way, IT administrators can process requests from anywhere with Internet access.

Freshservice also offers ITIL-ready software modules to help IT administrators manage IT assets, problems, incidents, upgrades, change planning and releases.

The IT Asset Management (ITAM) component helps companies take control of their IT software and hardware. All IT assets can be tagged, added, disconnected, tracked, etc. to provide asset awareness and visibility.

In addition, the ITSM tool offers a gamification feature called “Arcade”. This feature allows front-line IT agents to solve IT cases such as games and get performance results.

Freshservice features

Many IT support and service management features are available in Freshservice. But here are the important and essential features that you must know:

Incident management

Its automated AI tools enable technicians to instantly find the root cause of incidents. The application also provides all the knowledge bases and software tools that technicians may need to resolve incidents.

Consumer oriented service

Freshservice ITSM helps you create a value chain in your ticketing system and keep your customers happy. Users can use self-service portals for minor errors and problems. In case of serious problems, the AI ​​tool automatically assigns a support technician who can solve the problem faster than others.

Knowledge management

It creates a solid knowledge base for your business by integrating internal content management systems, third-party content, public content, etc. In addition, it intelligently protects your confidential knowledge base from public self-service portals.

Problem management

The tool can isolate user issues and link them to existing or previous incidents. It can also perform root cause analysis of issues with the Freshservice event timeline. Finally, faster problem detection helps reduce IT downtime for your business.

A unique catalog of services

You can effortlessly implement extensible and efficient workflows that guarantee fast service delivery. This varies from anything as simple as password recovery to as complex as new technical jobs or hiring and integration managers.

Change management

Whenever your company needs to change its operations, DevOps, and other departments, you can rely on Freshservice for cost-effective, error-free change management. The tool ensures that your ITSM manager has enough tools and workflows to make the transition easy.

Load management

Freshservice AI workload analysis and management allows you to maximize your ITSM team’s workday without draining your workforce. Its core algorithm continuously evaluates the tasks of individual agents, support levels and managers. It balances the workload so that the whole team stays energized and happy.

Release management

With Freshservice, you can effortlessly plan new hardware and software releases. A dedicated release management tool offers features such as announcements, building documentation, creating a release start date, setting a new release due date, and more.

Advantages of Freshservice

Below are the benefits of using Freshservice as your organization’s ITSM tool:

  • Freshservice eliminates the need for the ITSM team to deal with multiple applications and tools to manage IT help desk and service delivery tasks. This versatile tool is all you need to manage small and enterprise ITSM projects.
  • All its subscriptions come with a mobile app access feature. In this way, ITSM managers and agents can do their work from anywhere.
  • You can create different support portals for different industries and control all platforms from a single application in the background.
  • Integrate with Microsoft 365 apps like Teams for businesses running on Microsoft 365.
  • A fully cloud-based application. You don’t need to install any applications on your business workstations.
  • Affordable compared to Freshservice alternatives.

Alternatives to Freshservice

Check out these Freshservice alternatives if you want to learn more about ITSM tools before you buy them:

# 1. Managing Jira services

Jira Service Management makes IT service management transparent, visible and collaborative. You can connect IT support issues to other Jira tools and third-party business applications. DevOps can be combined with ITSM to continuously improve IT service delivery.

The tool comes with various service management templates that your company may need. That way, you can launch the app and make money from your first date without wasting time on setup and learning.

#2. Sales force

Salesforce Service Cloud is suitable for IT companies that somehow deal with or need field IT support, contact centers, employee/customer self-service platforms, etc. The service management tool can connect other contact center tools and services, such as wireless telephony, wired telephony, chat and e-mail.

Its notable help desk and IT service management tools include case management, automation, guided workflow, artificial intelligence, remote assistance, etc.


Choosing an ITSM tool for IT support and IT service management can be overwhelming with all the software available. However, if you want to try competent and potential ITSM software, definitely try Freshservice. You already know the various functions in advance. Simply run a sample ITSM project in this app for free with a trial offer.

You can also check out the best IT support solutions for small and large businesses.

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